5 Gifts to Make Everyone Feel Irish On St. Patrick’s Day

5 Gifts to Make Everyone Feel Irish On St. Patrick’s Day

Michele Carr

In 1737 the Feast of Saint Patrick was first celebrated in the United States by Irish immigrants. This American-made Irish holiday commemorates the death of Ireland’s patron saint and is celebrated all over the world on March 17th. Make sure to wear green or you might get pinched! You don’t have to be Irish to partake in the festivities because everyone's Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! So, may the road rise up to meet you as you grab some green beer and one of these perfect St. Paddy’s Day gifts to bring a bit o’luck to your friends!

Personalized Irish Coasters

Personalized Irish Coasters

This set of 4 perfectly Irish coasters are adorned with the old Irish saying slàinte! It’s pronounced “slaan-sha” which means “I drink to your health!” There’s going to be plenty of beer wherever you end up on the 17th, so these colorful coasters will come in handy and will look great in any bar or family room long after St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Pride Personalized Irish Stein

Personalized Irish Stein

No St. Patrick’s Day celebrations is complete without…you guess it—beer! This personalized stein is perfect for a Guinness or a Murphy’s Irish Red. This stein will have your host or hostess saying slàinte and feeling festive in no time!

Cream and Clover Personalized Picture Frame

Personalized Picture Frame

If you know someone who celebrates their Irish heritage all year long, then this is the perfect gift for them! This personalized frame is the perfect way to display a favorite St. Patrick’s Day memory. Whoever receives this frame as a gift this year is lucky to have you as a friend!

Limoges Box by Rochard

Limoges Box by Rochard™

These leprechaun-sized Limoges Boxes is a perfect gift to celebrate St. Patrick and the luck o’ the Irish. These beautifully hand-crafted boxes come in many shapes and sizes, but this perfect little teapot is one of our favorites. Adorned with hand painted shamrocks, this miniature work of art will bring the recipient plenty of good luck!

Green Clover Cufflinks

Green Clover Cufflinks

Your own little lucky charms. A perfectly subtle way to show off your St. Patrick’s Day spirit while your work dress code says bright green and orange hair is frowned upon. Maybe these green beauties will bring you enough luck to find a pot of gold!

One more gift to share this St. Patrick’s Day, a traditional Irish blessing:

May the Irish hills caress you.

May her lakes and rivers bless you.

May the luck of the Irish enfold you.

May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.


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