Avoid Holiday Stress

Why You Need To Shop Early for Holiday Gifts This Year!

Brooke Parker Higgins

I can't believe that Halloween has officially come and gone. Is it just me, or have the past eight months on lockdown felt like eight years? Seriously. Can you believe we officially in November and that there are less than two months left in 2020? Just think, Thanksgiving and Christmas are weeks away!

Since these two holidays will be here before you know it, and we are officially getting down to the wire of wrapping up this year, Top Notch Gift Shop has a critical yet friendly reminder for you:

BUY and SHIP all of your holiday gifts EARLY this year!


Here are Top Notch Gift Shop's Reasons WHY!


1. Much less stress for you.


Holiday Shopping Stress

    I know the holidays every year can be stressful under normal circumstances. The good news is that this year you can control something. THIS. You are making shopping overall so much less stressful for you, as this year has been one of the most stressful in our lifetime. The longer you procrastinate and wait to order gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the more stressful it will become. Think of the needless stress you will have because you took the time to plan accordingly. As you are ordering online all of your TNGS holiday items, keep in mind the enormous feeling of relief you will have, knowing that you will have all of your holiday gifts "wrapped up!"


    2. Carriers are "maxed" out. Justifiably. 


    Overloaded Shipping Truck

    USPS, Fed-Ex, and UPS have already been having trouble making shipping deadlines this year. The standard ETA for delivery has usually ranged from 3 to 5 days for shipping. Due to the Covid delays, it can now take orders up to 2 weeks or more to be delivered. It now officially states online that there are no guaranteed delivery dates. *Let me repeat this: there are no guaranteed delivery dates. Please pause a few moments, remember how stressed you've been even while being in the comfort of your own home during the pandemic this year. Now think of all carriers who have had tremendous stress doing deliveries since March. They all must be feeling so maxed out, and they have eight more weeks of work this year. Please act accordingly and give some gracious and common courtesy to all of these delivery services.


    3. Selection is best to purchases early as retailers will not quickly replenish inventory.


    Avoid Sold Out Items!

    The holiday season of 2020 is officially the very "First Digital Shopping Holiday." Don't wait - as the current gift selection range is the best TN Gift Shop inventory available for online shoppers. If there was ever a time in history when you had to shop online, 2020 is the year to do it! Please also keep in the minimal amount of time it takes for you to do your online order vs. the time it takes for the carriers to get the items delivered correctly and safely. Being at home in lockdown mode and now having much more downtime than usual is a gift. Talk about being grateful for having a home computer, laptop, phone, tablet, and Wi-Fi to do it in the comfort of your own HOME!


    Shop with verified trusted stores for the best shipping options and customer service.

    Yes, indeed, we are a verified and trusted store, offering you the best shipping options and our intimate one on one, personalized customer service. Unlike worldwide known companies, we pride ourselves on staff members speaking directly on the phone and emailing our customers regarding questions, concerns, orders, and other needs. Our high valued, unique items are priced accordingly without breaking the bank for you and your family.

    Top Notch Gift Shop offers FREE Continental US Ground Shipping on orders over $70.00.


    Shift to earlier gift exchanges to avoid the delivery hassles right before Christmas.

    If you are doing all of your gift exchanges in person ( practicing social distancing, of course) or via Zoom on Thanksgiving day or in early December with your family members( for males, females, and kids), friends, and co-workers, this planned perk is a big HOLIDAY BONUS for you! Even if this coming first full weekend of November might not be your ideal time to online shop - purchasing even a few days later is still a vast improvement in being ahead of the game with this year's holiday shopping. Why not avoid all the hassles of late and errors of deliveries on December 24th. Make your absolute maximum deadline on your phone calendar for getting your items shipped out no later than Friday, November 13th? They will be delivered well before or by Thanksgiving Day. You can look forward to knowing with a massive sigh of relief knowing that your gifts have arrived safe and sound, and EARLY!

    I hope these bullet points of advice were helpful, giving you a positive perspective and the big push you need to get the ball rolling! So, please do yourself, your family, friends, and our specific carriers - USPS and Fed-Ex a considerable favor; please be ahead of the game this year when it comes to your holiday shopping.

    Don't forget to sign up on our mailing list to stay connected online. Enjoy your holiday online shopping @ Top Notch Gift Shop, and wishing all of you Happy Holidays!



    Written by: Ms. Brooke Parker Higgins

    Instagram: @brookeparkerhiggins AND @ladieslifeguide