5 Simple New Year’s Resolutions You Will ACTUALLY Keep!

5 Simple New Year’s Resolutions You Will ACTUALLY Keep!

Cara Chatellier

There seems to be an unwritten rule when it comes to the new year… Every. Single. Year. New Year’s resolutions, as we are told, are the way to start the year off with a fresh goal in tow, ready to take on what the year ahead has in store. With the “new year, new me” mentality in full swing, especially after what 2020 gave us, it can feel overwhelming to come up with resolutions that will last more than just a couple of weeks. Instead of feeling refreshed and happy with our choice, we often feel overwhelmed, pressured and unsure of whether or not we can pick a goal and stick to it for the long run. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. Studies show that less than 10% of resolutions are kept to full fruition, so don’t fret. Instead, choose resolutions that add some positivity to your life without taking up too much of your time or overwhelming you. Small steps can equal big progress.

Drink more water


This simple task is overlooked more than you think. With a plethora of drink options out there, most people don’t get enough water daily. A good rule of thumb is to aim for 100oz of water a day. If that feels like too much, shoot for half your body weight in water. Start each morning with a glass of water and have your last glass before lying in bed. Some fun tricks to try are buying a water bottle that is marked with ounces and inspiration to keep you on track or track your water consumption on an easy and free app on your phone. This simple resolution can result in more glowing skin, higher energy levels and reduced headaches. 

Meal plan one meal a week


The word “diet,” comes with a mix of emotions for many people, especially when tied to a New Year’s resolution. Opt out of the diet trend and, instead, focus on consuming healthy meals. Start by planning out one meal a day for a week. If you find yourself eating the least healthy foods at lunchtime, opt to meal prep a week’s worth of lunch meals. If time allows, you can increase this ideal to other meals as you see fit. This is not only a time saver but can save you money if you normally eat-out during a particular meal. Aim to choose a healthy balanced meal that tastes good reheated. Try different recipes and take note of your progress. 

Take 30 minutes a day of “me time”


When we live hectic lives, between work, family, school and extracurriculars, we can sometimes forget about ourselves in the process. Taking care of you is essential to staying mentally and physically healthy. Block out 30 minutes a day to focus on “me time.” Do something you enjoy, take a cat nap, curl up with your favorite read or simply just sit and relish in the peace of the moment. After 30 minutes you are sure to feel recharged and calmer than you did before starting. If you can extend this to an hour, great, but if not 30 minutes does the trick. 

Spend time outdoors 3x a week


Being outdoors has a way of renewing the spirit. If you feel stuck in the office, indoors or are lacking outdoor time in general thanks to social distancing and COVID-19, the best cure is outdoor time. Whether you decide to take a walk around the block, lounge in your backyard with a book or take a stroll downtown, being outdoors works wonders. Soak up the sun and boost your vitamin D levels. Dress according to the weather and invite your family members along. Make it a weekly tradition to spend time outside together. 


Write down your goals for the week


Writing down weekly goals and tasks helps eliminate them from your brain allowing you more mental space for creative thinking. Checklists help you plan out your week ahead, keeping you organized and on top of tasks and deadlines. Checklists also have a wonderful way of keeping us accountable to ourselves, providing actionable items to complete throughout the week. Plan about 20 minutes or so each Sunday to get ready for the week ahead by sitting down and creating your list. Don’t overthink it and only add tasks that you can achieve within the coming week. 


Start the New Year with attainable resolutions that will last you until the end of 2021 and beyond. Choose ways to create more peace, happiness and good health in your life without stressing you out or overwhelming your brain or budget. The new year brings about a sense of hope and restoration, so align your resolutions to match.