5 Things to Send to School With Your College Freshman

5 Things to Send to School With Your College Freshman

Michele Carr

There may be some basic items you are forgetting to send with your college-bound freshman!

Going away to college is a momentous occasion for student and parent alike. Schools are great at providing lots of information for incoming students...so much information that your eyes may start crossing after a while. Items like school supplies, computer, phone, bedding, storage, decor, and toiletries are musts, but there are a few things you may not have considered...

1. A Laundry Bag

Whether your kid did laundry at home or not, washing clothes at a laundromat or in a laundry room may be a new experience. Having a way to transport clothes to and from the laundry will make life a lot easier. Also, the laundry bag serves as a great place to stow dirty clothes instead of throwing "at" a closet or on the floor.

Tip: Keep a fabric softener sheet in the bag to reduce odors.This works for shoes too! 

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2. A First Aid Kit

All schools have a student medical center and most dorms have first aid supplies, but a first aid kit that can be tucked away in a dorm room or in a backpack will come in handy more times than you think. Besides the basics, add items that are personal to your student (eye drops, contact case & wetting solution, antihistamine, wax for braces...you get the idea.)

Tip: If the new school is in the South or on the West Coast, you might consider adding some insect repellent, sunscreen, and aloe gel.

3. A Sewing Kit

You know it is going to happen...a button gets lost, a hook comes loose, a hem comes undone, a small tear appears. Disaster! And guess who is not there to fix it? You. A well stocked mini sewing kit will save the day.

Tip: A mini roll of masking tape works well as a temporary hem fix.

4. A Tool Kit

Pictures will need to be hung and/or moved. Furnishings will need to be assembled. Something, at some time, will need to be repaired. A basic tool kit will come in handy...and will be a magnet for making new friends when others realize they need tools too!

Tip: Be sure to add a flashlight and batteries.

5. A favorite "Warm and Fuzzy"

Okay, this may not seem like a basic...and your "grown-up" kid may balk at the idea, but there will be times when your "baby" will get homesick, or just have the "blues". Nothing says home, safety, and comfort than a beloved stuffed animal, a favorite blanket, or some special family item. Go ahead, sneak it in when they aren't looking. They will thank you later.

Tip: A coffee mug that is usually "yours" at home may be just the right thing. These cute ones are also fun!

These are just a few ideas. Do you have more you can add to my list? Let me know!

5 Things to Send to School With Your College Freshman Top Notch Gift Shop

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