• 5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

The holidays are often spent with our loved ones. It’s a time to give and receive gifts, share treasured memories, and create new feelings of warmth. However, the true spirit of the holidays lies in connecting with others. Top Notch Gift Shop has 5 ways you can give back this year to make your holiday season brighter.

1. Adopt a Family

Gift-giving has become one of the most central parts of the holiday season. It’s not the gift you give but the love you give it with! One significant way to give back this season is to help another family give gifts to their loved ones.

Check your state’s local organizations and you’re sure to find a program inviting you to ‘Adopt a Family’ this holiday season. Spread the cheer!

  • 2. Volunteer

  • Receiving is lovely but nothing beats the feeling of giving back to your community. As the holidays roll around, volunteer opportunities are abundant. Serving meals at soup kitchens, reading to children, walking shelter dogs, and visiting senior homes are just a few ways to keep your community’s holiday season jolly.

  • 3. Clean Out Your Closet

  • As you prepare to open gifts from your loved ones, make some extra room for your new clothes and goods by donating to those in need. Many organizations and shelters accept clothes in good shape, and chances are your local schools will be running donation drives to collect a variety of goods around the holidays.

  • 4. Donate Food Items

  • If you do happen to find a donation drive at a local school, be sure to ask what non-perishable food items they’re accepting. This is the perfect time to clean out your kitchen cupboards and help your community all at once. Food banks and homeless shelters may also appreciate your donations.

  • 5. Sing Carols

  • Even if you have no material goods to donate this holiday season, you have the power to warm the hearts of others by singing classic tunes. Get your friends and family together, break out the songbook, and make the neighborhood rounds singing loud, clear, and with cheer. Visit senior homes and homeless shelters and you’re sure to feel the love you spread.

    We can all give back during the holiday season, all we need is the intention and a smile. Top Notch Gift Shop encourages you to spread the love this holiday season by giving back to your community!

    5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

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