7 BBQ Essentials for Summer

7 BBQ Essentials for Summer

Cara Chatellier

With summer upon us, warmer weather, longer days and sunshine on our faces mean it's time to indulge in all things barbeque. With mask mandates lifting across the country for those who are fully vaccinated, we are moving toward a sense of normalcy that we haven’t felt in far too long. We can gather together with friends and family from afar and enjoy the summer season grilling in our backyards with a cold drink in our hand and love in our hearts.

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed pit master or dabbling with grilling your own meals for the first time this year, there are must-have items that barbequers at every level should have in their chef’s arsenal. 

Here are our top 7 must-have barbeque items to add to your summer essentials this season. 

1.Grill or Smoker

Acting as the pinnacle of the event or the spotlight of the entire show, a grill or smoker is a must-have barbeque essential. Whether you prefer the authentic taste of charcoal or love the ease and use of a gas grill, outfitting your backyard with a quality grill is a must. Once you own a grill you’ll soon realize how versatile they are for every season. Although summer is the unofficial grilling season, grilled food, any time of year, is a wonderful and delicious treat. If you prefer slow, smoked meat a smoker may be a better option for you, but it never hurts to have both options if you’re an avid backyard griller. Scoop one up at your local big box store and start enjoying burgers and hot dogs tonight!

2. BBQ tool set

The tools may be just as essential as the grill when it comes to cooking up the perfect food options this summer. There are various barbeque tool sets available so we suggest choosing the one that appeals to you the most. From sports team themed options to ones made from stainless steel and rosewood, the choices seem endless. Don’t feel the need to go over the top with supplies, but make sure your set includes tongs, a spatula and a long fork. Bonus points if it includes a grill brush for easy cleanup. 

3. Branding Iron

What’s more fun, when grilling, then branding your meat with your favorite logo or image? This simple tool is a fun addition to your backyard barbeque and will leave a lasting impression and memory on your guests. Pick up a branding iron as a gift or for yourself that represents your favorite sports team or symbol before you grill that delectable filet mignon. 

4. Cocktail Multi-tool

Cheers! Nothing says summer time like a nice cold cocktail after a long week. Insert a cocktail multi-tool and you’ve quite literally upped your backyard barbeque game astronomically. This multi-tool will keep you prepared for all of the cocktail requests throughout the season. With features like a bottle opener, zester, stirrer, strainer, corkscrew, muddler, channel knife and single measure, you are covered to enjoy all the cocktails you and your guests can dream up, stirred or shaken. 

5. BBQ Cleaning Shovel

Pinned as the “ultimate grilling accessory,” the barbeque cleaning shovel is the perfect alternative to a metal wire grill cleaning brush. It custom shapes to your unique grill, allowing for the best clean possible without the wear and tear that wire grill brushes can cause over time. 

6. BBQ Apron

Set yourself apart from the crowd this summer by donning a custom barbeque apron. Wear a style that exudes your personality and keeps things fun. From sports-themed options to ones that are more toned down and traditional, barbeque aprons are a fun way to call out the chef of the evening. Consider adding your name or nickname to yours to add some extra pizazz. 

7. Lighting

Ambiance is everything when it comes to setting the mood. If you plan on hosting backyard barbeques this summer with friends and family, make sure your backyard is ready to adjust from afternoon to evening with the perfect lighting. Add tiki torches throughout your yard or against your fence line to create a perfectly lit perimeter. The fire from these torches will also act as a great natural repellent to summertime bugs. Consider adding string lights throughout your patio or above your outdoor dining area. Enhance your table decor by adding small candles throughout your setting and on any other outdoor tables you may have.  The right amount of lighting will create a warm and intimate feeling for all of your guests.