Celebrate July!

Celebrate July!

Michele Carr

July is like the unofficial start of summer. Grills are fired up, pools are open, and the calendars are chock full. July is the month of the Cancer astrological sign, our nation’s independence, and so much more. Whether you’re a July baby, or you just love to celebrate each month to the fullest, here is your guide to celebrating July right!

The Ruby Birthstone 

July's Birthstone is Ruby

The Ruby is a symbol for both health, prosperity and wisdom. It is one of the hardest natural gems and is a timeless color and stone. 


The Flower: Water Lily 

Who doesn’t love to receive a fresh bouquet of flowers? They brighten up a home and a day just by being their beautiful selves. July’s flower is the water lily, a flower made famous by artists like Monet and others. This beautiful flower lives on top of the water and makes a perfect addition to any pond.

Independence Day/ The 4th of July

4th of July Independence Day

Almost every blue blooded American has a childhood memory of Independence day. Whether its hot dogs in the backyard, a trip on a boat, or fireworks on the water, 4th of July is a true summer staple.

National Grilling Month

National Grilling Month

It’s no surprise that July is considered National Grilling Month. The smell of a grill fired up is enough to trigger nostalgia and some watering taste buds. Want to have the most epic National Grilling Month ever? Here are some grill staples.