COVID-Friendly Gifting in 2021

COVID-Friendly Gifting in 2021

Cara Chatellier

Staying connected to family and friends can feel difficult with the looming idea that we have to stay distanced to stay safe. While safety should be a priority in all of our lives as we embark on another year of COVID precautions and restrictions, connection and relationships should also be at the top of our lists. During an unprecedented time, we should show the people we care about that we are thinking of them. Whether it's a birthday celebration from afar or a get-well-soon gift basket sent through the mail, there are numerous ways to show your loved ones you care from a distance. We understand that gifts can’t replace quality time spent together, but they help remind those that you care for that you are here, you support them and you are thinking about them through it all.

Personalize a gift basket

Nothing brings joy quite like the feeling of knowing that someone personalized something just for you. Whether it be a birthday or anniversary gift, a basket of things they love can brighten anyone’s day. Plan ahead and shop for items that speak to what they enjoy, their comforts and their happiness. Choose things that they can use alone or with others in their household. To make it extra fun, opt for a theme for the entirety of the basket. 

Some of our favorite themes include:

Sports Fanatic- Include items like sports memorabilia, books, DVDs, stadium puzzle, throw pillows or blankets, t-shirts and a personalized team robe.

Spa Day- There is nothing like a day at the spa, especially when it's in the comfort of your own home. If you know someone who loves the luxury of a spa day, that basket theme may be your go-to for them. Include items like face masks, bath bombs, a sleep mask, a pedicure kit, a comfy oversized robe or slippers. Don’t forget the wine!

Home + Garden- If you’re thinking about sending a basket to someone with a green thumb, opt for the home and garden theme. Include items like candles, throw pillows, a bird feeder to hang outside of their favorite window, a personalized wall decoration, a themed weathervane or a wind spinner. 

Travel + Adventure- Take them on a faux getaway with a vacation inspired basket. Nothing takes your mind off a pandemic quite like the peace of mind that a vacation can bring. If you have a travel lover in your life, opt for the travel and adventure themed gift basket. Include things like location-specific puzzles, travel guides, drink umbrellas, a lei and a fun 50 states journal for all of their future road trip adventures. 

No matter what theme you choose, make sure to include some delicious treats based on your theme and a fun drink to accompany it. You can choose either savory or sweet depending on their personal taste. A mix of indulgence and fun are always in season.


Send a care package

Unfortunately most of us know someone who has come down with COVID-19. We tend to forget, amid the pandemic, that there are other illnesses, like a cold or the flu, that can still have us feeling run down. Not to mention, the overall mental toll of the pandemic on our lives, even if we didn’t test positive directly, right? Insert the much-needed (and oh so appreciated!) care package. This wonderful “just because” gift is the perfect way to show someone who may be struggling a little bit that you’re there to support them from afar. Include everyday essentials that could help make their day-to-day a little easier such as: personal hygiene items, pain relievers, crossword puzzles, a cozy blanket or comfy pajama set, new slippers and some treats that they can enjoy when they are feeling a bit better, like candy or their favorite salty snack. A care package is the safe alternative to sitting by their side and caring for them. This option will put a smile on their face from afar and make you feel good, too. 


Drop off a surprise treat

Everyone loves surprises, especially when they come from people they love. If you want to surprise someone for a special occasion or just because our favorite surprise gifts include:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Dinner from their favorite restaurant (or home cooked)
  • A new book
  • A cookbook 
  • Wine and accessories
  • A fun board game
  • A coffee from their favorite local spot


Focus on essentials

In a time where everything feels like unfamiliar territory, focusing on the essentials is key to meaningful gift giving. Over the last year, we’ve had to pivot a lot of our normal ways of life to stay safe and keep those most at risk healthy. When gifting, focus on what matters to those you are giving now. Choose gifts that are useful to their current ways of life, which for most, involves a lot of at-home time. Avoid gifts that they have to wait to use for a later date as it will take the immediate joy out of it for both of you. Instead, focus on things they can use now to bring happiness amid the uncertainty. 


Share the joy digitally

One of the biggest positives of living in a digitally driven world is the ability to connect with those we love instantly. When gifting, don’t forget to join in on the joy. Use video calls, voice calls, video recordings and voice messages to share your feelings and excitement with your loved ones. Be there while they open their gift digitally as that, in itself, is a gift for you both.