Cozy Up for Winter!

Cozy Up for Winter!

Cara Chatellier

The leaves are on the ground, the weather is getting cold, and the Holidays are just around the corner... You know what that means. Winter is on the way! While we huddle inside during this strange Winter, we've put together a gift guide to keep you healthy, happy, and most of all, heated!


Grab a Blanket!



It could be warm out and we still might be wearing our favorite blanket during the day, so Winter is all the more reason to pull out all the blankets! We have so many to choose from, you'll probably just get them all and build a fort!


Document the Times!


We're living during a historic time, so we hope you're taking the time to document it. This personal journal will be great to revisit years down the line when life has returned to normal, and that's why it's perfect to grab one now as we head into the winter months where you'll be inside more to document your thoughts!


 Curl up with a Good Book!



With all the time indoors, why not grab a good book? Especially with a classic that you can read to the kids like "The Night Before Christmas" that the whole family will love!


Another Piece to the Puzzle



Finding entertainment during these times can be hard, why not take a step back and try a puzzle? With the presence Netflix and apps on your phone, puzzles and other forms of entertainment are often left in the dark. This is a great way to change pace and try something different!