Easy Ways to Brighten Your Living Space That Won’t Break the Bank

Easy Ways to Brighten Your Living Space That Won’t Break the Bank

Cara Chatellier

As we dive headfirst into a new year, with hopes, dreams and positivity in hand, there is a sense of renewal that is brought forth in our lives as we leave the heaviness of last year behind. This sentiment is especially true when we move on from 2020. With winter in full swing, the cold weather blues and shorter days can take a toll on us as we find most of our time spent indoors. One way to beat the blues is to liven up your living space. There are various cost-effective ways to make beautiful changes to your home. 


Read on for some of our favorite, easy and wallet-friendly options. 



With the trees out your windows pretty bare these days, plants add a lively vibe to your space. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, but they also pack a positive punch when it comes to your health. Plants purify the air of your home by reducing toxins that linger within it. Depending on the plant you choose, they can also have some pleasing aromatic elements too. Whether you opt for a floor plant to fill out a corner of your living room or potted plants strewn across your bookcase, plants add dimension to any space and can be purchased for relatively inexpensive cost. Make sure, upon placement, you know where each particular plant thrives best (full sunlight versus shade) and outfit your space accordingly. If the idea and look of plants excite you, but you are a self-proclaimed black thumb, you can always head to your local home goods store and purchase faux versions of your favorite plant varieties. 


Color exudes emotion. From fiery reds to tropical blues and deep burgundies, each color holds its own vibe. Changing up the paint color in a room brings forth a brand-new aesthetic. If you are looking to warm up a room, choose deep jewel tones to outfit your walls. If you want a lighter and airier feel, opt for hues that toe the line on neutral, from light yellows to powder blues, there are various options to choose from. If you’re looking to change the wall color without having to replace the furnishing and décor to match, choose a color that will tie into your current design’s color palette. Pick one of the subtle hues you notice to make your pieces pop against the new color. 

Wallpaper Accent Wall

If you’re already in love with your current wall color, but looking to make an eye-catching change, go with a wallpaper accent wall. These can be in any room throughout your home and act as a focal point within the space. Choose a wall that could use a little love and outfit it in a wallpaper design that sparks inspiration within you. When perusing the choices, opt for a design that ties into your current wall color and design style, so it doesn’t feel out of place. This will add pizzazz to your space without breaking the bank. 

Gallery Wall

There may be no better way to brighten your spirits (and your walls!) than by creating a custom gallery wall as a focal point in your home. Generally consisting of various photos, frames, wall décor pieces and shelving, a gallery wall showcases some of your favorite things on one wall. A pro tip for creating a gallery wall is to pick a theme that speaks to your space. Choose pieces that flow with it. Make the wall multidimensional by choosing frames of different colors, sizes and shapes and include various decorative elements, such as sconces, artwork, dishes, plants, mirrors or macrame. Make the space for all things you and your family and it is sure to delight for years to come. 

Floating Shelves

If you’re looking to extend the storage and space in a room, floating shelves may be the option for you. They serve many uses, based on preference, and can be a beautiful accent piece to almost any room. They come in a variety of colors, finishes and materials, so opt for pieces that best serve your design preference. Add them above desks to house books, to each side of your television to hold photos and movie collections or in your living room to display plants, candles and your favorite home décor pieces. You can choose to display as many shelves as you see fit to fill the space. For larger walls go with the longer, beam-like options to fill the space and add artistic dimension.