Everything You Need for Tailgating This Fall

Everything You Need for Tailgating This Fall

Michele Carr

With the football season underway, it’s time to make your way to a tailgating party. Help your friends and family stock up on vital tailgating gear and get the season started on the right foot. Top Notch Gift Shop has a big collection of all the essential tailgating gear, ready for gifting!

Get the Grill Going

Sportulas and Sports Aprons

You can’t have a tailgating party without throwing some hot dogs or burgers on the grill. We all have that one friend who fires up the grill during the game. Make their grilling experience special with a Sportula! Find out their favorite university team (don’t get it wrong!) and gift them a unique spatula.

Grill masters can never have too many aprons. The business of grilling gets messy. The tastier the food, the more stains on the apron. Create a dynamic duo and pair the Sportula with a college football Tailgate and BBQ Apron for the ultimate gift!

Keep the Drinks Flowing

Personalized Coolers, Cups, and Tools

There is no tailgating without a steady flow of drinks. Organizing the drink stash takes a lot of time and effort. Contribute to the setup by gifting a loved one with a Personalized Cooler. They’ll be thanking you as they load the drinks before each game.

Remembering to bring the best drinks is one thing, but you can’t forget the cups. Plastic cups may be easy to clean up, but an NFL Stainless Steel Party Cup is a gift that keeps on giving. Gift one to the tailgate party host or collect enough for the whole game squad!

As the game goes on, the drinks get more creative. The tailgate party bartender always has their hands full with a flurry of custom requests. The Bar10der is the perfect gift for the tailgate drink maker in your group. This one gadget combines 10 different tools that are essential for making the best tailgating drinks you’ve ever tasted.

Don’t Forget Anything!

Personalized Tote Bag at Top Notch Gift Shop

Heading out to a tailgating party is always exciting, especially when your favorite team is playing. It’s easy to forget things if you’re not organized. Help your tailgating mates keep track of all they need in one place with a Personalized Tote Bag. The durable Burlap tote is ideal for carrying even heavy snacks! Your loved one will appreciate being able to make it to the party with just one bag to carry.

Why Sacrifice Comfort?

Stadium Seats for Tailgating and Football Games

Just because you’re enjoying the game from the parking lot doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it in comfort. Take the tailgating with your friends and family to the next level by adding Stadium Seats. These fold up chairs are easy to carry back and forth or pack into the car in a compact space. Each Stadium Seat comes with a fleece blanket so your loved one can hit the tailgating scene throughout the whole football season.

Help your friends and family burst into the tailgating season with a bang. Once the tailgating collection is complete, everyone will enjoy each game experience to the fullest extent!

Everything you need for tailgating in the fall!
Everything you need to fall tailgating