• Get Ready for Back to School!

It’s officially August which means two things: summer is almost over and school is almost back in session. There might be mixed feelings at home about heading back to school but we know one activity that everyone can get excited for and that is back to school shopping! Here are a few items that are bound to be on everyone’s list. 


Shop Personalized Backpacks 

Make this school year personal with a personalized backpack. We offer a new personalized backpack for every grade whether it’s for your preschooler in our Butterfly Backpack or your freshmen off to high school in our Parker Paisley Backpack. Each style is customizable with your initials or full name. There’s a ton of storage in each backpack for art supplies or after school soccer equipment. Clearly, your child will be the coolest in school with the hottest trend on the market right now: the clear backpack!

Lunch Boxes

Shop Customized Lunchboxes

The first item that should go in your personalized backpack is a matching lunch box! There is a style to match every backpack and all of them can be personalized as well. They all offer a perfect fit for storage containers and water bottles but the best part for you – they all have an easy to clean insulated material.

Nap Mat

Sleep Mats for Back to School

Don’t sleep on one of the best accessories for your little one this year! Is it possible to be jealous that your child gets to nap during the day? Definitely! Especially when they are sleeping on something as cute as a personalized nap mat. Help your child feel more comfortable starting school with a nap mat of their very own. You can add their name, initials, or monogram for an extra special touch to make sure they never accidentally come home with the wrong mat. All the mats are customizable from the Hot Pink Mint Dot Nap Mat to the Stripe Navy Nap Mat. 

Teacher Gifts

Gifts for Teachers

It’s never too early to show your appreciation to your child’s teacher! After all, they are going to be dealing with your child all day long for the next few months. They deserve it! A monogrammed mug is the perfect gift to keep them fueled with caffeine all school year long. 

Get your kids on board (and on the bus) for heading back to school 

  • Style:  The best part about heading back to school is being able to display your personal style whether that be through school supplies or clothes. Let your child pick out their own fall wardrobe when headed to the store for back to school shopping. This will allow them to express themselves through fashion and begin to spark their creativity. 
  • Supplies: You can do the same for school supplies! Allow them to pick out their favorite colors, textures, and designs with items on the back to school list. This list should be available before school starts from their teacher and is one of the best ways to get them excited about going back. Just don’t forget that personalized backpack!
  • Savor: Finally, take some time to savor the last few weeks of summer. If there is something that your child has been wanting to do all summer long, then now is the time. You don’t have to take a holiday but maybe the activity is one final trip to the pool before it closes or saying goodbye to the animals at the zoo before school starts. Soak in all those final rays of summer sunshine!


Get Back to School Ready with Personalized Backpacks, Sleeping Mats & Lunch Boxes!

Back to School Cool with Personalized Gear!

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