Halloween Gift Guide: All Treats, No Tricks

Halloween Gift Guide: All Treats, No Tricks

Michele Carr

It’s time for the best holiday of the year. Sorry Santa, but we’re talking about Halloween! Candy isn’t the only item on your shopping list this year. And you definitely don’t have to go door to door for these treats. We’re coming to you with the most killer gifts for, and we repeat, the best holiday ever! (it’s still Halloween). 

If you’re here for the Boo’s:

 Tumblers for Halloween


Even Dracula couldn’t resist a drink out of one these 12oz Halloween Insulated Tumblers. They are available in both orange and black etched with, “Here for the Boos” and “Drink Up Witches”. Perfect to fill with your poison, or cocktails at night, and versatile enough to drink your morning coffee in at sunrise. That is if you’re not allergic to the sun or whatever, we're talking about you Dracula.


Wine Glass

If you’re going as Audrey Hepburn to your next Halloween party, then you’re definitely going to want something a little more sophisticated than a red solo cup. Party City definitely doesn’t have this accessory, but we do! Say, cheers witches! to all your BFF’s with a hand-painted Lolita Wine Glass. Sugar skulls, bloody eyeballs, and witches are only a few of the extra festive choices that you have to make. Along with which Audrey Hepburn you're going to go with, obviously.


If you’re here for the candy:

 Halloween Tote Bags

Tote Bag

Halloween is the sweetest holiday! We’re not just saying that because we love it so much. It’s the only time when it’s acceptable to go door to door begging for sweets. What a time! Do Halloween the sustainable way this year with a personalized tote bag. Goodbye plastic pumpkin! Our personalized tote bags are available in more characters than an SNL cast. A Castle Character Tote, Franky Frankenstein Character Tote, Jonny Jack-O-Lantern Character Tote, and more are all of the fun festive characters you get to choose from. The best part? They all are able to hold full-sized candy bars! *gasps*

 Halloween Pillowcase


No monsters under the bed with one of our Halloween Character Pillow Cases. Are you a witch, vampire, Frankenstein, or an extra cute pumpkin? Maybe one for every day of the week? Personalize the pillow with 1 line and up to 15 characters. The possibilities are limitless! If you're looking for more possibilities aka a Halloween trick, then use the pillowcase when your out trick or treating. Cue: a pillowcase full of candy. Thank us later. Sweet dreams and sweeter candy!

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