Home for the Holidays: A Gift Guide For New Homeowners

Home for the Holidays: A Gift Guide For New Homeowners

Michele Carr

During Christmas, some people in your life are easier to buy for than others. The easiest people to buy for are new homeowners! They probably just had one of the best years of their life buying a new house. There is no better gift to give than a gift that will fill up their walls, tables, and hearts this Christmas! We’ve narrowed down the best gifts to give that will make new houses homes.

Sleigh-Worthy Signs

It’s time to fill up your favorite new homeowner’s walls with custom canvas signs that will speak to almost any interest or hobby. The Spruce Personalized Christmas Canvas Sign will fill the home with holiday spirit as it features a Christmas tree with up to fifteen characters of personalization on the canvas. There are also:

  1. Wedding Signs,
  2. Baby announcement signs,
  3. Christmas signs,
  4. Personalized last name signs, and
  5. Mother and father signs to name a few.

Another popular and unique sign is the Home State Personalized Canvas that inserts the state of the recipient into the word ‘home’. All signs point to this being one of the best gifts this holiday season for new homeowners.

Bathrobes You Can’t Bah Humbug

Time to make the new homeowners in your life feel at home. A new bathrobe is a perfect place to start! There are plenty of styles to choose from including various lengths, styles, materials, and designs. NFL, NBA, and MLB team robes are available in both microfleece, plush, silk plush, and plaid. They also feature new and different designs on each material.  No matter what they’re a fan of, baseball, basketball, or football, they will add this robe to the list with it!

Candles That Are Merry and Bright

Light up a new homeowners holiday season and their home with a Christmas candle. A candle is a perfect gift to mix practical with personalized. Almost all of the candles on the list are available for personalization with important dates and the recipient's name.

  1. Birthday candles,
  2. Candle ornaments,
  3. Handmade candles in your favorite liquor bottles, and
  4. Personalized Candles

are all options for gifting this season. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and where there is this candle there is the best Christmas ever.

Boxes to Unwrap

Let them unbox the best this holiday season with a Limoges Box by Rochard. Each Limoges box is made by hand and the process has hardly changed in the past three hundred years. They are all directly imported from the Limoges region in France. Each box measures approximately two inches. Find the perfect Limoges box for your giftee this year with limitless choices. A few options include birds, cities, candies, sports, princesses, animals, tourist attractions, birthdays, and religious figures. If you love them, get them Limoge this Christmas.

Books to Believe In

The kitchen is used for entertaining guests all year long but especially during the holidays. It doesn’t matter if they’re preparing a feast for fifty or making sugar cookies with two, there is a cookbook on this list for them. A selection from Music Cooks means a cookbook paired to a CD. A few of these choices include:

  1. Pizza Party!,
  2. Wine Country,
  3. Dining Great American Lodges,
  4. Cooking with the Blues, and
  5. Coffee Treats.

The way to the heart is through the stomach and the way to the best holiday season is through this gift.