Hostess Gift Ideas 2020

Hostess Gift Ideas 2020

Cara Chatellier

The year has flown by and the air is once again filled with magic! That means it's the perfect time to bust out the charcuterie board, your favorite dress, and all the bottles of wine you can hold. It’s party season! Don’t call that uber yet though. You forgot your hostess gift. We’ve got you covered! Here are our favorite gifts that will spoil any hostess!

To Drink: 


“Get Crackin” Wine Glass by Lolita

Tis’ the season to celebrate! This is the perfect gift for a hostess that loves the Holiday season.  What more could they ask for?! More wine perhaps?


My Drinking Garden Stemless Wine Glass by Lolita

Bee the life of the party with this Garden Stemless Wine Glass by Lolita. Not only is the hostess going to love this glass, but it's sure to have everyone at the party buzzing.


Wine Themed Bottle Stopper

You won't find a prettier wine stopper than this! With all the wine at this party, there's no doubt this is the gift to give. It is the season to give joy, after all!

To Decorate:

Hollyberry Scented Hearth Candle 

Give the scent of the season with the Hollyberry Scented Hearth Candle. Who doesn’t love the smell of Christmas? We don’t know and we definitely don’t want to know them. Give the gift that makes all their guests fall in love with the season!


America Embroidered Pillow

While you're celebrating the season, celebrate the country! Get the perfect hostess this beautiful catstudio pillow to decorate the home.