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How to Make "Back to School" Fun for Your Kids

Michele Carr

I was one of those kids who loved school.

I loved the summer too, but I really looked forward to going back to school in the fall.

I went to a school where most of the class went all the way through school together. I didn't see most of my classmates during the summer so it was fun to see them again after 3 months.

I loved the "newness" of the school year. New school supplies, new shoes, new uniform (yes, I wore a uniform!), a new lunch box, new books. I loved the new books the most!

Of course, I realize that school is not as much of a treat for many children.

The trick is to get them enthused about the school year before it starts.

Get Your Kids Excited!

    • Find out who your child's teacher is going to be and contact them a couple of weeks before school starts. (They are already there getting the classrooms ready.) Ask for some highlights about what your child will be learning in the coming year.
      Look for a subject you know will resonate with your child and talk it up in the weeks before school. Share your fun memories about that grade.
    • Let your child pick out their own school clothes. It's okay if they aren't matchy-matchy. This is an opportunity to let them experiment with their personal style (within the school dress code of course!) Who knows, you may have a budding fashion designer in the house.
    • Many schools have a "school supply list" these days. Print out the list and take your child shopping for their supplies. Have them read each item on the list and find it in the store. Let them choose the binder color and the pencil box. Buy some fun stickers and let them decorate their binder before school starts.
    • Surprise them with something personalized around the first day of school... pencils printed with their name, a fun backpack or lunchbox, or water bottle...anything with their name will be special.

Personalized Backpacks for Back to SchoolPersonalized Lunch Boxes for Back to School

Do you have a kid with allergies or special dietary needs? Be sure that you talk with their teacher before school. Even better, involve them in the conversation. They will get a sense of security knowing that someone is looking out for them...and they get to meet the teacher before anyone else! Bonus!...

What is your special trick to get your kids ramped up for school? Let me know your ideas!

Make Back to School Fun With Your Kids Top Notch Gift Shop

Make Back to School Fun With Your Kids Top Notch Gift Shop