Our Favorite Spring Home Decor Ideas

Our Favorite Spring Home Decor Ideas

Cara Chatellier

There is no better day to say good-bye to winter than to welcome spring with open arms in all parts of your home. From the glorious and relieving spring cleaning to changing out snowflake decor with flower-filled pieces in your home decor scheme. There is just something so magical and renewing about a new season and we think your home should feel that change too. Daylight Savings Time is here which means longer days with the sun and warmer temperatures ahead. Now is the perfect time to begin winter’s exit in your home and decorate for all things spring.

Pops of color exude springtime vibes

Nothing says spring quite like pastels and vibrant hues. Adding pops of color throughout your living space will liven up the area and add depth and character. The changes don’t have to be large or time-consuming, but rather, just enough to peak a change within the room. Consider changing out throw pillows or blankets on your sofa or adding a bright tablecloth to your dining table. If you have open shelving in your kitchen add vibrant glasses and dishes to brighten up the shelving area. 

Other ways to add pops of color to your space are:

  • Choosing bright accessories to display on your living room coffee table- from books and candles to trays and vases, color will pull the eye in and make the table an interesting focal point.
  •  Adding an area rug in a bright color or design to a space that has a mute color palette.
  • Changing out your bedding with a floral and colorful option perfect for the season.
  • Accessorizing your guest bathroom with colorful glass bottles and canisters for soap, lotion and other amenities

Flowers harmonize

Whether you have a green or black thumb, flowers are a nice way to breathe life into your space. From large centerpiece arrangements to smaller accent vases, flowers (real or faux) will liven up any blank palette without feeling too over the top. When we think of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is new blooms, so why not incorporate that sentiment into your home? Add a fresh bouquet to your dining table once a week (hello grocery store flowers) or opt for faux flowers in fun vases or pots (think terracotta) to add to your mantel, vanity or countertops. This simple change will create a look almost instantly. If you love the idea of bringing the outdoors in, but aren’t big on flowers, opt for greenery and plants. These will still liven up the space and clear the air… literally

Other fun ways to incorporate flowers include:

  • Floral wallpaper as an accent wall.
  • Flower inspired curtains, tablecloths, pillows, bedding, glasses or dishware.
  • Paintings or photographs that highlight a floral bouquet or outdoor natural elements.

Gallery walls tell a story

Since as far back as we can remember, gallery walls have been a thing. From the very traditional black and white photos with black frames and white matting to a mish mosh of frame styles, colors and designs, gallery walls have a way of telling part of your story all on their own. The design of your gallery wall is completely up to your personal taste and the overall aesthetic in your room, but refreshing this area seasonally can spark joy and change. Consider creating a gallery wall in a high traffic area of your home and change out the photos and paintings on occasion. Spring is the perfect time to change out older photos with fresh ones from the past year. Add different frames and paintings to pull into your theme. Include photos of important people in your life and don’t forget the family pet photo. Get creative on this wall and tie in different elements, from photos to decorative wall art, leave no stone unturned. 

Sheer curtains create fresh ambiance

The best way to celebrate the new season and extra light is to let the sunshine in. If you’ve had heavier curtains throughout the winter months it’s time to change them out for some sheer counterparts. Sheer curtains in light colors provide the right amount of privacy while still letting the sun shine through. Add them to rooms that get the most sunshine throughout the day. Don’t feel the need to change them out in your bedrooms if you still want the added privacy of the heavier curtains. As an added touch, consider hanging a bird feeder or window gem outside of your window to enjoy every day throughout the spring and summer. This simple change will add a whole new vibe to your space, making it feel more airy and open. 

Spring is in the air so let it into your home too. Small changes throughout add a new feel and flow that can boost your mood and celebrate the change of season. Whether you opt for a big remodel, like a new accent wall, or adding fresh flowers to every room, you’ll enjoy your revamped space for the season. Tap into your creative side and decorate for your own peace and happiness. Happy Spring!