Say Om! Gift Guide for Relaxation Lovers

Say Om! Gift Guide for Relaxation Lovers

Michele Carr

Life can turn into a constant cycle of business if we don’t make the time to relax and take care of ourselves. Some people have relaxation down to a science. If there’s someone in your life who always knows how to keep things calm and cozy, Top Notch Gift Shop has some perfect gift options!

Keep Things Cozy

The first step to major relaxation is making sure you’re wearing something comfortable. Luckily, we have hundreds of bathrobes to meet anyone find their perfect fit. Help the relaxation lover in your life get into the zone with a Monogrammed Spa Bathrobe(1). There’s an option for relaxation lovers of all types. Consider adding a Hooded Terrycloth Bathrobe (2) to your loved one’s collection for ultimate comfort. If relaxation time coincides with watching the game, gift your loved one a Terrycloth Bathrobe (3) with their favorite team’s logo!

Add Relaxation to Everyday Routines

Everyone has to take a shower at some point, right? Relaxation lovers know that even everyday routines like taking a shower are an opportunity to find peace and calm. Give the gift of Personalized Soap (1) to help your loved one start or end the day right. Combine relaxation with your loved one’s personality with Personalized Dog Bone Soap (2) or Crazy Cat Lady Soap (3) for an added laugh.

Set the Atmosphere

A crucial part of relaxation is the surrounding environment. One of the best ways to set the atmosphere for deep relaxation is with candles. Gift the relaxation lover in your life with Handmade Bottle Candle (1 &3) to add calm and a unique decorative touch to their space. If you want to give the gift of light without disrupting the other senses, choose an Unscented Initial Palm Wax Candle (2).

The Taste of Relaxation

When the lights have been dimmed, the candles lit, and the bathrobes are on, relaxation time can begin. There’s nothing like a glass of wine to relax into the night. The relaxation lover in your life will be grateful to add a Wine Glass by Lolita (1) to their collection. A little variety is always refreshing, so gift your loved one a Stemless Wine Glass by Lolita (2) to switch things up. If the relaxation lover in your life has a good sense of humor, go for the gold with the Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass(3)!

Relaxation is an art. Help the relaxation lover in your life reach their peak peacefulness with a special gift from Top Notch Gift Shop!