• Spilling Some Secrets: Secret Santa Gifts

‘Tis the season for candy canes, carols, and countless gifts. We love all those things, but our favorite is definitely the countless gifts (and by that, we obviously mean giving them!)  You get a gift! You get a gift! You get a gift! The best present to pick out, you ask. The secret Santa gift of course! We’ll never give away the name on our paper, but we will tell you the top-secret Santa gifts this year. Now shhh and scroll…

For the Animal Lover

Flying Shark Air Swimmer

 Flying Bass Toy Top Notch Gift Shop

Is it really the holidays if someone doesn’t forget to buy batteries? This gift ensures that the tradition keeps going. Turn any holiday party into an aquarium with the remote-controlled flying shark air swimmer. Just make sure you don’t run it into your boss… or your grandma.

Rude Alf Reindeer Feisty Pet

Toys Top Notch Gift Shop


The holidays bring a whirlwind of emotions and the Rude Alf Reindeer Feisty Pet isn’t afraid to show them. Alf is cuddly and adorable at first glance but if you forget marshmallows in his hot chocolate, or simply squeeze behind the ears, he takes a turn to the feisty side. Also, the perfect gift for when you want to demonstrate to your friend how they look when they get hangry.

Hummingbird Feeder

Shop Fun Stuff Top Notch Gift Shop

This Secret Santa is actually for the birds. This 72-ounce hummingbird feeder will have even the most amateur bird watchers enthralled. Now if only we could find a reindeer feeder…

For the Sports Fan

Panoramic Stadium 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Ohio State Buckeyes Puzzle Top Notch Gift Shop

Give a gift that is both satisfying and frustrating (wow, these pieces are tiny!). A 1,000-piece puzzle should do the trick. The panoramic stadium puzzle gives incredible detail of their favorite stadium. Can you see them in the stands? This gift is sure to be a touchdown! (or at least a field goal).

Personalized Beer Glass

Custom Beer Glass Top Notch Gift Shop

Baseball! Football! Soccer! A secret Santa party! A sporting event or holiday simply isn’t complete without an ice-cold beer. The best part? It holds 20 ounces of their favorite flavor and 1 line or 15 characters to personalize. Maybe their nickname from college could fit?

For the Wine Enthusiast

Sloth Time Stemless Wine Glass by Lolita

The holidays are a time to relax and rewind. Take it slow. Now take it even slower. We’re talking the slowest possible that you can possibly take it. We’re officially on sloth time and we want everyone to join us. Give the gift that slows downtime in the cutest possible way. Sloths are cute, ok?! Just make sure you gift it to someone who agrees.

Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass

Guzzle up all the holiday memories at your secret Santa party this year with the Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass. A secret Santa gift that even Santa would use after a night flying around the world. The glass simply screws into your/their favorite bottle because, to be honest, you’re probably going to try to get this gift back by the end of the night. Trades can happen in this game, right?!

For the World Traveler

Obnoxious Affluence Linen Napkins

Funny Items Top Notch Gift Shop

They’ve been around the world and seen it all! Until now. They definitely haven’t seen a secret Santa gift that is so obnoxiously cute. These obnoxious affluence linen napkins are yes obnoxious, but also extremely trendy with their “jet-setter” designs. Just be sure they get their gift early in the night. They have a red-eye to catch after all.

Personalized Tote

Custom Tote Bag Top Notch Gift Shop

It’s totes going to be the best secret Santa of the year! This personalized tote bag makes sure of it. It is not only a great carry-on but also great for grocery shopping, craft carrying, and delivering all your other gifts to their homes this holiday season. Personalize it with their initials or name. Now even Santa’s bag isn’t personalized!


Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas


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