Take a Page From These Books: Special Edition Leather-bound Books

Take a Page From These Books: Special Edition Leather-bound Books

Michele Carr

This list of gifts is one for the books. Sometimes there's no better gift than a classic. These books are bound in leather and perfect for your favorite book lover. Whether you know someone who is a whizz in the kitchen, who loves their jewelry, or who likes to track every detail, you can help these gifts find the perfect home. 

Not Your Typical History Book

Family History Book Top Notch Gift Shop

History won’t repeat itself with the Family History Book. This leatherbound book is a collectors edition and completely customizable as you can add up to two lines. The book allows you to journal your family history with pages for records, a daily entry log, a register for family members, and up to 48 family tree pages. There is enough pages to fill a century of family descendants. It is made with genuine goatskin leather and cream-white acid-free paper. A gift that anyone in the family would enjoy receiving!

The Ultimate Cookbook

The Joy of Cooking Top Notch Gift Shop

Give all the compliments to the chef in your life with the Joy of Cooking Leatherbound Cookbook. This is a must-have in any kitchen as it has been in circulation since 1936. It is an all-purpose cookbook and it has a blind embossed leather hardcover. Give the gift that is as special as the recipient because each book is finished entirely by hand. It comes with white paper and painted edges. Give it to someone who is already a master chef or just starting to learn.

A True Classic

Breakfast at Tiffany's Leatherbound Book Top Notch Gift Shop

Have breakfast with Tiffany and maybe a few more meals with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Leather Bound Collector's Edition book. This book features Breakfast at Tiffany’s and three other Truman Capote classics including House of Flowers, A Diamond Guitar, and A Christmas Memory. The book is leather bound in a full grain leather and customizable in a beautiful silver accent. This is a gift that will remain timeless and is a must on any bookshelf.

Keeping Your House & Your Life Tidy

The Magic of Tidying Up Top Notch Gift Shop

Give the gift of magic with the Magic of Tidying Up Leather Bound Collector’s Edition. This book is written by Marie Kondo who is a Japanese cleaning consultant. She will teach you the magic of tidying up your home once and for all. Her method is proven effective as none of her clients have lapsed and she still maintains a three-month waiting list. Drop a subtle hint to the messiest person in your life with this gift!

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