• The Father of All Gifts: A Dad Friendly Gift Guide

A Dad's Best Friend

Question: Why are Christmas trees so bad at knitting?

Answer: They always drop their needles. (Ba-dum-tss) Ok! Ok! All dad jokes aside, dads are simply the best. They’re always ready at a moment’s notice to change a tire, throw a baseball, or solve a math problem (yes, even fractions). They are basically superheroes that defend the community with their lawnmower from the evils of weeds. They never let us down and now it’s time to return the favor with the father of all Christmas gifts for…


The Great Outdoors Dad

Make your dad the coolest around with the Personalized Cooler Chair. 50% chair, 50% cooler, and 100% the best gift ever! (Maybe run this math equation by dad IDK) This portable cooler has so many compartments that he can hold all his candy bars, allowance from mom, and a 12 pack of his fav beverage in one place! *insert dad high five* Personalize it with “World’s Best Dad” and you’ll never have to accompany him to Home Depot ever again.  

Chair Cooler Top Notch Gift Shop

You don’t need to go fishing for the world’s best gift, we already have it on the line with the Multi Fish 24 oz. Tervis Tumbler. It’s quite a catch! It’ll keep your dad’s coffee hot or beer cold all day long while at the lake. There’s nothing fishy about that! 

Fish Tumbler

The #1 Fan Dad

Phillies Bathrobe

Gameday ready doesn’t always have to mean a sports jersey. Give dad some options with a Sports Team Terrycloth Robe or Sports Team Plush Bathrobe. We’ve got all your bases covered with teams ranging from the NFL and NCAA to the MLB.  Put dad in the starting line-up with fluffy fabric, oversized pockets, and his favorite team embroidered on the chest. Don’t go into overtime, add this to the cart right now. *And the crowd goes wild

Dads don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. They wear their team on their cuffs. The Team Cufflinks and Tie Bar Gift Set lets dad show everyone at the office who he’s cheering for. The set includes a pair of *insert dads’ favorite team* cufflinks with a matching tie bar. The only thing not included is the helmet. Go Christmas and go team! 

The Golf Dad

Golf Umbrella

Rain or shine, your dad is most likely playing, watching, or thinking about golf. Forget plain old golf balls! He loses those anyways. Unless your dad is Tiger Woods. Give a gift that is as unique as him. The Vintage Golf Gear Umbrella will have you way under-par this gift-giving season. The one-of-a-kind umbrella is hand-embellished using recycled golf balls complete with a recycled golf club handle.  It’s created using real golf gear, so no two umbrellas are the same just like how no two dads are the same! (insert golf clap)

You won’t tie against the other gifts this year when you give the  Going Clubbing 100% Silk Men’s Golf Tie. The golf printed pattern will have dad yelling FORE before he enters any room. 

The Grilling Dad

CFB Grill Gear

They’ll never flip on their team, but they will flip a mean burger. Give them the tools of the trade with the University 3 Piece Sportula BBQ Tool Set. The NCAA team logo of their choice is laser-cut into the surface of the Sportula and custom heated onto the handle. We can hear dad firing up the grill from here.


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