It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Time to bust out the charcuterie board, that sequined dress you wear once a year, and all the bottles of wine you can fit in two hands (probably two, maybe three). It’s party season! That means that our calendars are filling up along with both our stomachs and our hearts (aw!). Don’t call that uber yet though. You forgot your hostess gift. Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered. Here are our top 8 gifts that will fulfill the saying, “the hostess with the mostest”.

To Drink: 

“Thankful for Wine” Wine Glass by Lolita

Make sure the hostess is thankful that they invited you with the “Thankful for Wine” Wine Glass by Lolita. Tis’ the season to be thankful and this glass spells it out and in hand written script. What more could they ask for?! More wine perhaps? Coming right up. We’ve got three bottles after all!

My Drinking Garden Stemless Wine Glass by Lolita

Bee the life of the party with this Garden Stemless Wine Glass by Lolita. It’s like giving flowers but better and it will last a lot longer. Watch the dinner party blossom throughout the night with a gift that is both fresh and functional. Now that is a gift that is buzzworthy. 

Spar Soapstone Whiskey Rocks 

This is a gift that will have you rocking the party in no time. The Spar Soapstone Whiskey Rocks will keep the drinks flowing throughout the night with these reusable soapstone cubes. They are designed to keep your drink at the perfect temperature without watering it down. Is this what they’ve been working on at Santa’s Workshop all along?! Either way, this is a gift that totally rocks!

Popular Dogs Bone China Mug or Popular Cats Bone China Mug

The cats in the bag for this hostess gift. Or the dog. The Popular Cats Bone China Mug and Popular Dogs Bone China Mug is the best doggone gift there is to give this season. It is respectfully available in both a cat and a dog option and is ironically made from bone china. We’re not kitten you when we say this is one of the best gifts this season.  

Decanter 7-In-1 Wine Aerator

You don’t have to filter through gift after gift looking for the perfect one. We have it right here with the Deantiere 7-In-1 Wine Aerator. This extremely specialized tool for wine lovers everywhere makes it so that a built-in filter protects against cork residue and impurities. Seven built-in dual-functional tubes are supported by eight small vents that preserve freshness. But what does it all mean you ask? Basically, you can save and enjoy wine the day after the epic holiday party. Now that is a gift that does, in fact, keep on giving. 

To Decorate:

Snickerdoodle Scented Hearth Candle 

Give the scent of the season with the Snickerdoodle Scented Hearth Candle. Who doesn’t love the sweet, savory smell of freshly baked cookies? We don’t know and we definitely don’t want to know them. Give the gift that makes all their guests walk into the house after you say, yum!

To Declare:

Reader’s Journal - Books I’ve Read

Don’t read too much into this party invitation. Make this hostess gift one for the books with the Reader’s Journal - Books I’ve Read gift. Start this party off on the right foot, or the right page, with a book that has pages and pages of fill-in-the-blank information about all of your favorite books. This is the perfect gift to give this time of year as it signifies a fresh start. New year, new books!

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