The Ultimate Back to School Guide

The Ultimate Back to School Guide

Avo Terzian

As summer starts to wind down and vacation time is almost over, it’s time to start planning for the beginning of school. That’s right, it’s back to school time! There might be mixed feelings at home but here are a few items that will make everyone happy.

Back to School Backpacks

Personalized Backpacks Top Notch Gift Shops

Start the school year off in style with a personalized backpack! There is a backpack for every grade and every child. Send your preschooler off in style in a puppy backpack or your teenager off to their first day of high school in a cool mint backpack. Each and every style is 100% customizable for initials or even a full name. There is plenty of storage space for science projects and lunch boxes with three different compartments. Some styles include a laptop sleeve and multiple pockets.

Cafeteria-Cool Lunch Boxes

Personalized Lunch Boxes Top Notch Gift Shops

Packed lunches never looked so good! Pair your new backpack with a matching lunch box. There is a style to match nearly every backpack and all of them can be personalized. They have an easy to clean insulated material so your child can be the coolest kid in school- literally. Some of the lunch boxes have an easy to carry handle and exterior pockets.

Water Bottles

Personalized Water Bottles Top Notch Gift Shops

Do something great for your kids and for the environment and keep them hydrated while saving precious plastic. These water bottles are customizable, aluminum, and eco-friendly bottle with a leak-proof cap-- so they’re backpack approved. For those prone to losing items, the bottles come with a handy clip/carabiner.

A Squeaky Clean School Year  

Keep Calm and Teach On Soaps Top Notch Gift Shops

It’s never too early to start gifting your favorite teacher! Look no further with the “Keep Calm and Teach On” Carved Soap Collection. Give your teachers a refreshing gift of six different soaps. Each bar in the collection is Vermont made and 5 ounces. They are all a different color and scent for a gift that is as special as the teacher receiving it.


Get Your Kids Excited for Back to School

  • Get in Touch: Find out who your child's teacher is going to be and contact them a couple of weeks before school starts. (They are already there getting the classrooms ready.) Ask for some highlights about what your child will be learning in the coming year. Look for a subject you know will resonate with your child and talk it up in the weeks before school.
  • Get Ready: Let your child pick out their own school clothes. It's okay if they aren't matchy-matchy. This is an opportunity to let them experiment with their personal style (within the school dress code of course!) Who knows, you may have a budding fashion designer in the house.
  • Get Supplies in Order: Many schools have a "school supply list" these days. Print out the list and take your child shopping for their supplies. Have them read each item on the list and find it in the store. Let them choose the binder color and the pencil box. Buy some fun stickers and let them decorate their binder before school starts.
  • Get Personal: Surprise them with something personalized around the first day of school... pencils printed with their name, a fun backpack or lunchbox...anything with their name will be special.
  • Due Diligence: Do you have a kid with allergies or special dietary needs? Be sure that you talk with their teacher before school. Even better, involve them in the conversation. They will get a sense of security knowing that someone is looking out for them...and they get to meet the teacher before anyone else!

What is your special trick to get your kids ramped up for school? Let us know your ideas!

The Ultimate Back to School Guide Top Notch Gift Shop

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