What to Celebrate in July

What to Celebrate in July

Cara Chatellier

July, the seventh month of the year named after Julius Caesar, is the pinnacle of summer. The month that children are home from school, barbecue dinners are plentiful and beach days are a must. No matter where in the country you reside, July is a month of all things summertime. From 4th of July celebrations early on to family vacations throughout, sun, sand, surf and togetherness are in full swing. When we think of July the first things that come to mind are fireworks, beach s’mores, sun-kissed skin and margaritas. Everyone has a favorite July memory, so, lean into yours this year and make it a tradition. 

Here are a few must-know facts about July:

    • Astrology Signs: Cancer (June 21 - July 22), Leo (July 23 - August 22)

    • Color of the Month: Green, Russet and Red

    • Birthstone: Ruby

    • Flower: Delphinium

  • Important Historical Dates: Independence Day (July 4)

  • With longer, sunnier days upon us, we encourage you to enjoy all of the fun and quirky National Holidays that July has to offer. Make the most of your summer and enjoy our favorite picks.

    July 1st

    National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

    Nothing says summertime quite like the glory of ice cream on a hot day. From local ice cream shop favorites to all the craveworthy offerings of Ben and Jerry’s, there is no better way to ring in the new month. Instead of indulging in your go-to favorite flavor, consider trying something new or celebrating a little extra by adding some fun toppings to the mix. 

    July 2nd

    National Anisette Day

    Today is a day to indulge the licorice-like taste of anisette, a liquor derived from aniseed. Whether you prefer it as a shot or a mixed drink, it is delicious and distinctive in nature. If you love the idea of celebrating today, but would prefer to opt for something sans alcohol, consider baking up a batch of anise cookies. 

    July 3rd

    National Fried Clam Day

    Fried clams (and a variety of seafood indulgences) can be found heavily throughout the Northeastern states of the country, where clam shacks and oceanside restaurants are plentiful on the shore. No matter where you are located, most grocery stores carry clams in their seafood department. Cook up an easy and savory dinner pairing fried clams with your favorite side dishes. From coleslaw and onion rings to french fries and macaroni salad, a seafood-themed picnic is on the menu today.

    July 4th

    Independence Day

    The pinnacle holiday of the summer, Independence Day, is the most important day as a nation. It commemorates our independence, as a country, from Great Britain, officially put forth in 1776 through the Declaration of Independence. Whether you decide to celebrate with family and friends or party solo, take the time to pay homage to the great U S of A by showing your pride in red, white and blue attire and barbequing freely in your backyard. Don’t forget to take in some local fireworks at your city’s local display. 

    July 5th

    National Hawaii Day

    The final state to be granted statehood in the United States is celebrated today. Hawaii is an island paradise that has vast cultural diversity and heritage interlaced with their pristine beaches and exotic cuisine. Take a moment today to learn a few fun and exciting facts about the state. If you’re really into learning more about Hawaii, book your next vacation there.

    July 6th

    National Fried Chicken Day

    The day where chicken lovers around the world unite to celebrate the food they love. Whether you have a top-secret generational recipe or a favorite restaurant spot in town that serves amazing fried chicken, today is the day to indulge. Don’t forget summer-themed side dishes like potato salad, corn on the cob or watermelon to go along with your favorite fried meal. 

    July 7th

    National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

    If you’re a daughter, when was the last time you spent some quality outdoor time with your father? If you live close by, today is the day to take a walk with dad and who could ask for more perfect weather? If you live somewhere that is already heating up, consider taking an early morning stroll or a post-sunset walk through one of your favorite parks or across town after a nice dinner out. Wherever you decide to walk, make memories that last a lifetime with your father today. 

    July 8th

    National Freezer Pop Day

    Another July holiday that beats the summer heat lands on July 8th. Freezer pops are synonymous with summer cooldowns after a fun day in the sun. Satisfy your inner child and enjoy a freezer pop after dinner today.

    July 9th

    National Sugar Cookie Day

    Aside from chocolate chip, sugar cookies may be the most popular cookie ever. You may have your grandma’s sugar cookie recipe or a favorite local bakery that serves the warmest cookies in town. A true dessert staple is celebrated today so don’t hesitate to grab one (or three) and satisfy your sweet tooth.

    July 10th

    National Pina Colada Day

    Jimmy Buffett definitely had the right idea in mind when he mentioned pina coladas in his chart topper. Today is a perfect day to enjoy this cool and tropical summertime beverage. Hopefully it's sunny and warm where you are so you don’t get caught in the rain. Don’t forget to celebrate this day by enjoying your pina colada with your favorite people and your favorite glasses.

    July 11th

    National Mojito Day

    Amid the heat of the summer, we are often looking forward to indulging in something cool and refreshing. Today is the day to celebrate a drink that emcompasses both- the mojito. This lime and rum cocktail can be customized with your favorite flavors- from mint to watermelon, become your own favorite bartender today and enjoy. 

    July 12th

    National Simplicity Day

    Today is a day to honor the trailblazer that was Henry David Thoreau. Amongst his long list of credentials, Thoreau was an author, naturalist and philosopher who believed in the beauty of simplicity. Today, take a step back from your hectic schedule and simply be. Practice meditation in the morning or find time during the day to journal about your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. A lot of substance can be found in simplicity. 

    July 13th

    National French Fry Day

    A staple American side dish- the french fry is so versatile and deserves a day to be celebrated and enjoyed. Whether you’re dining on summertime barbeque or surf and turf today, add in fries as your side dish of choice. These can (and should!) be customized to your liking. The topping choices are endless. 

    July 14th

    National Tape Measure Day

    Today is the day to celebrate the importance of the tape measure. This handy tool has made the lives of literally everyone so much easier when it comes to building, home decorating, DIY projects and so much more. Celebrate the day by grabbing a new one for your home, car, purse or toolbag. 

    July 15th

    National Give Something Away Day

    There may be no better feeling than giving something away to someone who needs it. Go the extra mile today and give someone something as a random act of kindness. From a free coffee to the car behind you in the drive-thru line to clothes donation at a local shelter, no donation or gift is too small. 

    July 16th

    National Personal Chef’s Day

    Today is a day to celebrate personal chefs across the country. Whether you have hired one to take care of your specific dietary needs or have used one in the past at an exclusive dinner event, reach out and thank them for  their hard work.

    July 17th

    World Emoji Day

    Emojis are the tiny, but mighty way we share our emotions about something via text or across social media. Today is a day to celebrate their importance in our lives. Share your favorite emojis on social media or wear a t-shirt with the one you love best. We 

    July 18th

    National Ice Cream Day

    Another day to celebrate ice cream this month? Yes, please. Celebrate today by having an ice cream sundae bar party at home. Pick a few different flavors and all the toppings you can think of and have everyone make their own sundaes to enjoy after a long day at the pool. 

    July 19th

    National Daiquiri Day

    Fill your glasses with this refreshing rum based cocktail today to celebrate. One sip will bring you to feelings of a tropical oasis even if you’re sipping in your living room. Flavors range from ever-popular strawberry to more exotic selections like dragon fruit or peach passion. 

    July 20th

    National Pennsylvania Day

    Celebrate the second state to join the Union today. Learn about iconic history by reading up  on Philadelphia, PA, once the temporary capital of the United States. It wouldn’t be a Pennsylvania day without acknowledging their reigning food staple, the cheesesteak. Indulge and enjoy all things PA today. 

    July 21st

    National Hot Dog Day

    Can we really have a summer barbeque without hot dogs? Sure, but it wouldn’t be the same. Consider grilling out tonight and feasting on a hot dog or two, topping it with your favorite staples. Whether you’re a classic mustard fan or love to smother it in chili and cheese, today is the day to chow down. 

    July 22nd

    National Hammock Day

    The perfect backyard staple is a hammock, especially in the summertime where relaxation in the sun is key to enjoying the extra hours of light. If you have one set up on a stand or connected to two sturdy trees in your yard, consider choosing a typically indoor activity to partake in outdoors today. Respond to emails, take Zoom calls or dive headfirst into a good read on your hammock today.  

    July 23rd

    Gorgeous Grandma Day

    What grandma isn’t gorgeous in her own way? Take today to remind your grandmother just how special she is to you. Take her out to lunch, send her a bouquet of flowers or call her for a long-than-usual chat. Grandmas are such a blessing. 

    July 24th

    National Tequila Day

    Cue the salt and lime, it’s margarita time! Today we celebrate the agave distilled liquor that makes for the perfect margarita- on the rocks or blended. Sit back, sip and enjoy!

    July 25th

    National Wine and Cheese Day

    When it comes to dynamic duos, we couldn’t think of a better pair than wine and cheese. We encourage you to try a new and different wine pairing today to celebrate the day. If you already have the perfect pairing we won’t bat an eye if you opt for that combination instead. Say cheese and indulge in all things wine today. 

    July 26th

    National Aunt and Uncle’s Day

    It has long been said that aunts and uncles are the cooler version of parents. The ones who show you how much they love you, teach you things as you grow and instill important lessons and traditions into who you are- sans the parental rules. Celebrate the uncles and aunts in your life today by reminding them just how important they are to you. Take them out to dinner, stop by for a visit or send them a gift basket of their favorite treats. 

    July 27th

    National New Jersey Day

    Today is a day to celebrate the third official state of the Union, New Jersey. When we think of this iconic Northeastern state, a few of our favorite things come to mind: salt, sand, surf and salt water taffy to name a few. Celebrate today by learning about some of New Jersey’s history and maybe even plan a trip to visit sometime. 

    July 28th

    National Waterpark Day

    A day to celebrate waterparks couldn’t fall in a better month. Make a splash today and take on a local waterpark with your friends and family. Try out a new water slide or enjoy some sun in the wave pool. 

    July 29th

    National Lipstick Day

    Whether you’re a red lip girl or more of a neutral fan, today is the day to celebrate the iconic makeup accessory must-have. Lipstick has been a staple for centuries and continues to rule the industry. Try a new shade today that makes you feel summer-ready and vibrant.

    July 30th

    National Father-in-Law Day

    The love between a father-in-law and his son or daughter-in-law is plentiful and often forgotten. Take today to celebrate the father-in-law in your life with your spouse. Send him a man-inspired gift basket or surprise him with tickets to his favorite sporting event. 

    July 31st

    National Avocado Day

    The superfruit of our era, avocado, rounds out the month. One of the most versatile fruits on the market, it can be enjoyed all-year, but is especially ripe and delicious during the summer months. Whether you enjoy avocado toast or are more of a guacamole and chips fan, today is the day to indulge in all things avocado. 

    July is a month to celebrate all things summertime. Spend time this month with your loved ones and choose your favorite national holidays to celebrate. Whether you want to indulge in ice cream or celebrate the ever-popular avocado with your father-in-law at the waterpark, you can check off a few national holidays in one. We love the togetherness that comes from celebrating special days, so get out there and enjoy!