What to Celebrate in June

What to Celebrate in June

Cara Chatellier

June is where we come together and meet in the middle. It’s officially halfway through the year and filled with many memories from previous months, while also sprinkled with exciting adventures ahead. The official start to summer is at our fingertips which is something to celebrate in itself. As the warmer, longer days grace us with their presence, we can look forward to finding fun celebrations each day. Leave the cold weather thoughts behind you and head on into the sunshine with open arms this month.

To get you ready to celebrate, here are a few June must-knows:

    • Astrology Signs: Gemini (May 21 - June 20) and Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

    • Color of the Month: Light Blue, White, Cream

    • Birthstone: Alexandrite

    • Flower: Rose

    • Important Historical Dates: D-Day (June 6), Flag Day (June 14), Juneteenth (June 19), Father’s Day (June 20)

Now, we encourage you to make a splash this month with some of our favorite June holidays and celebrations.

June 1st

National Go Barefoot Day & National Nail Polish Day

It’s no surprise that these two holidays land on the same day. As the weather gets warmer add a little pizazz to your feet and show off your well-manicured toes and new polish on National Go Barefoot Day. Have a picnic in the park and kick off your shoes. 

June 2nd

National Running Day

Nothing screams warm weather like a nice run outside. Lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement or trails in your local area. Whether you enjoy a leisurely jog or a fast-paced tempo, run outside to soak up all the beauty in nature. 

June 3rd

National Egg Day

Wake up earlier than usual and cook up your favorite egg breakfast. Whether you like them scrambled with veggies or sunnyside up, eggs are the theme of today. If you’re feeling excited about celebrating the day and have a few extra minutes on your hands, consider trying out a new egg recipe

June 4th

National Hug Your Cat Day

Where are all of our cat mom and dads at? Today is your day. We know you probably hug your perfectly little feline every day, but show your baby some extra love today. Bonus points if you wear some cat-themed apparel to celebrate your cat love. 

June 5th 

National Moonshine Day

We encourage you to drink responsibly and indulge on your favorite moonshine flavor today. Whether you’re an avid fan or a newbie, the variety is pretty extensive. What was once thought of as a taboo and illegal drink (hello, prohibition) is now a classy spirit that is often found at local and small-batch distilleries. If you’d prefer not to have a class, consider filling your home with the warm and welcoming aroma of a moonshine soy candle

June 6th


Most commonly referred to as D-Day, this national holiday marks the arrival of allied forces to the beaches of Normandy during World War II. It’s a day that we have held close to our hearts as Americans since inception in 1944. Today, we encourage you to tap into your history and explore local World War II memorials and museums in your area. Another way to celebrate is to tap into history through videos or readings that you can find at your local library or online. 

June 7th

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Two words here: yes, please! Nothing says summertime quite like a cold treat after a long and hot day. Indulge in your favorite chocolate ice cream brand and top it with all the jimmys and hot fudge you can handle, so that your ice cream bowl is overflowing with deliciousness. 


June 8th

National Best Friends Day

Friends add sugar and spice to each of our days, so why not set an official day aside to celebrate them? Show your bestie how much they mean to you by surprising them with a visit or a gift on a whim. Best friends are treasures. 

June 9th

National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

National days that celebrate pie are our favorite. Who doesn’t like a strawberry rhubarb pie in the summertime when rhubarb is in its prime? Indulge on this sweet treat with a side of vanilla ice cream today.

June 10th

National Iced Tea Day

Iced tea is the unofficial drink of summer. Whether you like yours sweet or not, there is something about enjoying a tall glass (with a squeeze of lemon) on your front porch after a long day. Drink up!

June 11th

National Making Life Beautiful Day

There’s something wonderful about a day dedicated to making life beautiful. This idea can mean so many different things to so many different people. What will you do today to make your life just a little more beautiful? Or maybe you’ll decide to brighten the day of someone you love. Either way, beauty can be found within those moments. 

June 12th

National Red Rose Day

Roses are the official flower of the month of June, so, it makes perfect sense to have a day to celebrate the glorious and timeless beauty of this flower. Celebrate today by buying a dozen red roses for yourself or someone you love, or planting a rose bush in your garden. However you choose to celebrate, make today a rosy one. 

June 13th

National Weed Your Garden Day

Gardens are in full bloom this month. Set a little bit of time aside today to weed your garden and tend to your flower beds. This small chore will make a world of difference. 

June 14th

National Flag Day

Pay homage to the red, white and blue today. Research some history on the American flag, hand out small flags to children, attend your local town’s parade or add a flag to the front of your home to show off your patriotism. 

June 15th

Nature Photography Day

Strike a pose. Today is a day to tap into your passion for photography. Trek out into nature and snap some shots of your favorite plants, trees and wildlife. Pick your favorite shots and frame them or add them to your nature journal to relish in the memories of the day for years to come. 

June 16th

National Fudge Day

The decadence of fudge is officially celebrated today. Stop by your local candy shop and pick up your favorite fudge and indulge a little bit. 

June 17th

National Eat Your Vegetables Day

It’s only fitting that National Fudge Day is followed by a day that reminds us all to eat our vegetables. Load up your plates with your favorite veggies today and savor each bite. Bonus points if your favorites are picked from your own garden or a local community co-op. 

June 18th

National Go Fishing Dy

Today is the day to celebrate the fisherman in your life. If that’s you take today to stop by your favorite fishing spot and cast a line. If someone you know has a passion for fishing, consider joining them on their next adventure or sending them a fishing-inspired gift. 

June 19th


This day is a critical time when it comes to United States history. Juneteenth, or June 19, represents the day slavery ended in the United States. The first celebration took place in Texas in 1865. This celebration is also known to many as Freedom Day. Find a celebration near you and take part in a piece of history. Learn about the Emancipation Proclamation and dive into the history of slavery in this country to get a full view of its impact on our society for years to come. 

June 20th

Father’s Day

Whether you call him, “father,” “dad,” “daddy,” “papa” or other, Father’s Day is a special day set out to celebrate the Father figure in your life. Spend time with dad today and enjoy some of his favorite things together. From fishing and sports to grilling and relaxation, Father’s Day should encompass all the things that make your dad feel special. 

June 21st

National Selfie Day

Angle and filter are everything today. Just kidding, you’re perfect just as you are, no filter required. Take selfies in your favorite locations and share them across social media for all of your family and friends to love. Afterall, it's a national holiday, so celebrate! Cheese!

June 22nd

National Onion Rings Day

Besides French fries, onion rings are the perfect pairing to your summer grilling menu. Today is the day to fry up some of your favorite beer battered onion rings or pick some up from your favorite local restaurant. The bigger question here is, “to dip or not to dip?” We love ours dipped in ketchup or spicy ranch. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, fry some up super thin and add them to the top of your juicy burger.

June 23rd

National Hydration Day

We couldn’t think of a better month for this national day. In the warm weather, hydration is key. Whether you’re spending time outdoors, at the beach, on a boat or, even, indoors, hydration is key to staying healthy. Grab your favorite reusable bottle and aim to take in at least 100oz of H2O daily. 

June 24th

National Handshake Day

Although 2021 may not be the year of the handshake, we can still celebrate from afar. Avoid close contact with others unless you both have been vaccinated. In the case that you have, celebrate by handshaking and high-fiving because it's been one heck of a ride. Otherwise, share virtual handshakes via Zoom or social media with family and friends. Make it a tradition to connect with others you haven’t in a while on this day every year. 

June 25th

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Pups at work are always a winning combination. If allowed, bring your dog to work today. Show your canine off to others and let him enjoy your digs. If you can’t, celebrate your pup anyway by giving him a new toy or baking him homemade treats. 

June 26th

National Coconut Day

Coconuts are one of those fruits that scream tropical paradise. Today is a day to celebrate this fruit in all of its glory. Add coconut puree to your favorite drink, coat your fish in it or enjoy the taste of sweet coconut chips as a special treat. There is no wrong way to eat coconut. 

June 27th

National Sunglasses Day

Sunglasses are the outfit staple of the summer. If there is a pair you’ve been eyeing, treat yourself today. Otherwise, take your favorite outdoor sunglasses selfie and share it all over social media. 

June 28th

National Alaska Day

Alaska is known to many as the last frontier. The glorious and intriguing state is filled with history. Spend today learning a few facts about the state and sharing them with your family and friends. Consider supporting a small business or organization in Alaska if you want to go the extra mile. 


June 29th

National Camera Day

Have you always had a secret passion for photography? Or maybe you’ve been living out your passion for a while now. Either way, take some time today to snap some candid shots of your favorite people or things. Share your photos with others and save your favorite pictures in a keepsake scrapbook or photo album. 

June 30th

Social Media Day

What day isn’t social media day, right? We know that sometimes we feel overwhelmed with the world of social media, but spend some time today viewing it in a different light. Reflect on how much access you have to world news, connectivity to friends and family from afar and ability to share your life story with complete strangers. The more we think about it, the cooler it becomes to us. 

June is a month to celebrate all the things that are inspired by summer and warm weather. Take some time this month and pick some of your favorite national holidays to celebrate with family and friends. We hope you enjoy indulging in some new and exciting celebrations.