What to Celebrate in May

What to Celebrate in May

Cara Chatellier

To many of us, May is the unofficial start of summer. Longer days, more sunshine and warmer temperatures have us feeling anything but the winter blues. The month of May is often doted on for providing us with a shift in weather and mindset, boosting our moods and bringing about a flourishing feeling when it comes to all things love. After all, May was named after the Greek goddess of fertility, spring and growth, Maia. We love the change in season and are beyond excited for the impending summer season, but there is so much more to celebrate this month too.

To get you ready to celebrate, here are a few May staples:

    • Astrology Signs: Taurus (April 20 - May 20)/ Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

    • Color of the Month: Violet

    • Birthstone: Emerald

    • Flower: Lily of the Valley

    • Important Historical Dates: Cinco De Mayo (Celebration of Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire)

Now, dive headfirst into some of our favorite May holidays to enjoy an abundance of celebrations all month long.

May 1st

Kentucky Derby Day

All things fancy happen on the first Saturday of May… we can bet on it. Grab your biggest hats and enjoy the race with friends in person or virtually. 

May 2nd

National Truffle Day and National Lemonade Day

There’s one word that comes to mind when we think of May 2nd: YUM. Spend time indulging in your favorite truffle treats or enjoy a glass of lemonade, in your favorite cup, on your front porch and enjoy the sunshine. Either way, celebrate the yum!

May 3rd

National Garden Meditation Day

Embrace your green thumb and spend your day in the garden. Whether you’re a world-class gardener or a savvy beginner a lot can be found within when you meditate in your garden. Kick the relaxation up a notch by journaling about your meditation experience. 

May 4th

National Star Wars Day

May the force be with you today and everyday. Share your love of Star Wars with the world by sharing your favorite quotes, pictures or Star Wars stories on social media or outfit your outfit with some fun Star Wars inspired gear. 

May 5th 

Cinco de Mayo

A day we celebrate Mexican culture and heritage as a community, even outside of Mexico. Indulge in Mexican cuisine and enjoy your favorite Mexican inspired drinks, like whiskey from a Mexican-inspired sugar skull decanter.

May 6th

National Nurses Day

Now, more than ever, is a time to celebrate and recognize the nurses in our life and community. Share your love for nurses on social media and treat the nurses in your life to a special gift to let them know you’re thinking of them and appreciate all they do. 

May 7th 

National Military Spouse Appreciation Day

The unsung hero of the military is the spouse who stays behind. Today is a day to celebrate the millions of women and men who bravely stand beside their spouse during the most trying times in their career on the battlefield. Support and celebrate the military spouses you know today. 

May 8th

National Dog Mom’s Day

Pups are extensions of our family and often doted on as another child, especially by the dog mom of the family. If you consider yourself a dog person today is the day to celebrate the love you have for your dog. 

May 9th

National Moscato Day

Cheers! Pour yourself a glass of your favorite moscato and relax. 

May 10th

National Clean Up Your Room Day

There is nothing quite like a holiday to initiate spring cleaning. Spend time together going through your older belongings and consider donating them to a local charity as part of your cleaning efforts. Pay it forward.

May 11th

National Eat What You Want Day

We think this should be a daily choice, but why not indulge yourself a little more today. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too, so go on! 

May 12th

National Odometer Day

Take to the open road and enjoy the ride. Make sure to pack the essentials and take in the sites as you add a few digits to your odometer.

May 13th

National Apple Pie Day

We love any excuse to indulge in a staple sweet treat. Enjoy a slice of your favorite apple pie or, at least, fill your home with the aroma of it with an apple pie scented candle

May 14th

National Dance Like a Chicken Day

The day speaks for itself. Go out there and dance your socks off.

May 15th

National Armed Forces Day

Celebrate the troops today by giving thanks for their sacrifices. Leave a thoughtful military-inspired gift on their doorstep or shout out their efforts on social media. 

May 16th

National Barbeque Day

Nothing screams summer quite like barbeque, right? Add your charcoal to the grill, pull out your favorite BBQ tool set and grill your favorite cuts of meat. 

May 17th

National Idaho Day

Spend some time learning about the great state of Idaho and share fun facts with friends. 

May 18th

National Visit Your Relatives Day

With COVID restrictions lifting and vaccine numbers rising, we couldn’t think of a better time for this holiday to pop up. Go out and spend time, safely, with people you love, no strings attached. 

May 19th

National Devil’s Food Cake Day

Another yummy day to enjoy a delicious cake for dessert. Indulge a little!

May 20th

National Rescue Dog Day

Whether you own a rescue dog or know someone who does, today is the day to celebrate that sweet pup. It is also a great day to consider adopting your own rescue dog to add to your family.

May 21st

National Pizza Party Day

Hello easy and delicious dinner. There is nothing better than a delicious slice of pizza with family and friends. Take this day as an opportunity to throw your own pizza party.

May 22nd

National Buy an Instrument Day

If you’ve ever considered trying out a new instrument, today is the day. Invest in an instrument that you want to learn or sign up for music lessons at a local music school. If you love music, but don’t want to spend too much money or time investing in lessons, celebrate by listening to your favorite tunes. A music lover can be born at any age. 

May 23rd

National Lucky Penny Day

Much like a four leaf clover, pennies can bring on a plethora of luck. Go on a scavenger hunt to find your next lucky penny today.

May 24th

Brother’s Day

Today is a day to celebrate your brother. Whether he’s a sports fanatic or a grill master, spoil him with a gift he will enjoy for years to come.

May 25th

National Wine Day

Need we say more? Grab your favorite bottle and glass and drink up. 

May 26th

National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

Cheesecake is a favorite dessert across the country. Add blueberries and you have a little bit of extra indulgence. Enjoy!

May 27th

National Grape Popsicle Day

Popsicles are some of our favorite summertime cold treats. Enjoy a grape popsicle while celebrating a national holiday.

May 28th 

National Hamburger Day

On the cusp of summer you can never have too many reasons to grill outdoors. Enjoy the American staple today and grill to your heart’s content. 

May 29th

National Coq au Vin Day

Pull up a delicious recipe for this French dish of chicken, wine, pork, mushrooms and garlic and enjoy. Trying new recipes is always a fun treat. 

May 30th

National Creativity Day

Tap into your creative side today. Whether you enjoy painting, drawing, writing, jewelry making or gardening, take time today to do what you love. 

May 31th

National Smile Day

End the month by spreading happiness wherever you go. Smile at strangers from afar and put on your happiest face as you embrace all that is ahead for you this season. A simple smile can make someone’s whole day brighter.