What to Celebrate in September

What to Celebrate in September

Cara Chatellier

With the summer season quickly coming to an end and the unofficial start of fall here, it’s time to embrace all things autumn. From deep orange, yellow, and brown fall colors to bonfires, thick sweaters, and delicious pumpkin everything, fall is sure to be in full swing in no time. One of our favorite times of the year, September, opens the doors to a season filled with togetherness, celebration, and gratitude. This month, we encourage you to embrace all things September. Yes, even back to school for the kiddos in our lives. New seasons bring about renewed spirits, and we think you should dive right in. Explore some of our favorite fall holidays below. 

Here are a few must-know details about September:

  • Astrology Signs: Virgo (August 23 - September 22), Libra (September 23 - October 22)

  • Color of the Month: Brown, Deep Blue

  • Birthstone: Sapphire

  • Flower: Aster and Morning Glory

  • Federal Holidays: Labor Day (September 6)

With fall knocking on our door, we encourage you to enjoy the cooler temperatures, cozy vibes, and people you love by choosing a few fun and quirky National Holidays to celebrate this month. Whether you’re a foodie, an adventurer, or somewhere in between, there is a day for everyone to enjoy. 

September 1st

National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day

There is nothing quite like starting the month with no real rhyme or reason to celebrate. Today is all about celebrating and recognizing words in the English language that do not have rhyming counterparts. Here are some of our favorites: orange, silver, purple, woman, chimney. We encourage you to come up with your list of words in your favorite journal with no rhyming buddies and see if your guess is correct. Share your finds with others. 

September 2nd

National Blueberry Popsicle Day

September is the perfect transition month. Leaving what’s left of summer behind while embracing what is yet to come in the fall. Early on, the summer heat is often still high overhead pushing us to grab something cold and refreshing. Today, enjoy a blueberry popsicle to celebrate this delicious summer fruit in frozen form. 

September 3rd

National College Colors Day

Every year, the first Friday before Labor Day is dedicated to celebrating your college colors. So whether you find yourself sporting crimson for Roll Tide or bright orange for Clemson, today is the day to embrace and share your love for your alma mater. Celebrate by wearing your favorite school colors and share your photos across social media. 

September 4th

World Beard Day

Are you someone with a fantastic beard? Do you know someone with a fantastic beard? Either way, today is the day to celebrate beards around the world. Send a fun beard gift to a friend (think combs or oils) or, simply, snap some photos with your favorite beard-wearing man. 

September 5th

National Cheese Pizza Day

Today we are keeping things simple. Celebrate pizza in all of its glory sans toppings. Create your own six cheese pizza or order a pie from your local pizzeria. Whatever you do today, remember that pizza is on the menu. 

September 6th

National Read a Book Day

There’s never a wrong time to read a book, but why not take the opportunity to dive into one you’ve been dying to read on a day set out for just that? If you love reading as much as we do or are just hoping to start reading more books, today is the day to pick up a new one and lose yourself in a story. Some other ideas for today? Join a book group. Donate used books to a local library or shelter—volunteer to read books to your child’s class. Share your favorite book with a friend. Whatever you decide on today, make it about reading. 

September 7th

National New Hampshire Day

The 9th state to join the Union is celebrated today. A New England icon, New Hampshire, the Granite State, believes in their motto to “live free or die.” If you’re a local, New Englander, or someone who’s just looking to get away, considering heading to New Hampshire today to take in the sites. They have everything from a gorgeous mountain backdrop to soft sand beaches to explore. If you can’t get there physically, consider reading up on some of their histories or indulging in their most prominent fruit crop: the apple. 

September 8th

National Ampersand Day

Who doesn’t love the ampersand symbol? How fun that we have a day to celebrate it in all its glory. Whether you are a huge fan of including an ampersand in your notes & writing or just love the fancy designs incorporated into brand names or logos with this symbol, today is a day to learn more about it and overuse it in all of your correspondence.

Here are some of our favorite ampersand facts: 

  1. The ampersand used to be the last letter in the alphabet
  2. It is derived from the letters e & t, which, when put together, as “et” in Latin means, “and.”

September 9th

National School Picture Day

Whether its back to school season in your home or you’re relishing in times that have long since passed, today is a fun day to pull out the old yearbooks and photo albums. Then, share your favorite school photos on social media and tag your old friends and classmates. If you’re feeling extra fun, recreate an old photo for good time’s sake. 

September 10th

National Swap Ideas Day

Today sounds like the perfect day for a creative meeting, doesn’t it? Celebrate by scheduling coffee with a friend, loved one, or coworker to go over different ideas. Maybe you want to discuss upcoming travel, a new invention, or your latest favorite book or movie. Whatever the topic, enjoy time swapping ideas. 

September 11th

Patriot Day

9-11-01, a day we will never forget. Today we honor and remember the heroes who perished on this devastating day. We encourage you to attend a local remembrance event in your area. If you can, please observe a moment of silence at these specific times:

  • 8:46 AM EST- American Airlines Flight #11 crashes into the World Trade Center
  • 9:03 AM EST - United Airlines Flight #175 crashes into the World Trade Center South Tower
  • 9:37 AM EST - American Airlines Flight #77 hits into the Pentagon
  • 9:59 AM EST -  World Trade Center South Tower Collapses
  • 10:03 AM EST - United Airlines Flight #93 crashed in Shanksville, PA
  • 10:28 AM EST -  World Trade Center North Tower Collapses

September 12th

National Grandparents Day

It’s a well-known fact that great parents get upgraded to grandparents. Today is a day dedicated to the heart and core of your family unit. Whether you have grandparents to celebrate or proudly wear that badge of honor yourself, make time with your family. If they live far away, consider sending your grandparents a fun and personalized gift or gift basket from afar to show them that you’re thinking of them. 

September 13th 

National Peanut Day

Today is the day to celebrate the glorious nut that can add delicious flavor and texture to several dishes. Whether you like them roasted, shelled, in a spread, or the middle of your favorite chocolate treat, peanuts are a tasty and healthy treat to indulge in, especially today. So observe the day by grabbing your favorite peanut snack and sharing your peanut love with others. 

September 14th

National Virginia Day

Today we celebrate one of the original 13 colonies: Virginia, the state for lovers. Located outside of the capital of the United States, Virginia is the ideal place to lay your head for those working in national government positions. Celebrate the day by learning about the state’s history or taking a day trip to explore its beautiful lands. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to Virginia Beach, there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. 

September 15th

National Double Cheeseburger Day

An American food icon is celebrated today. The double cheeseburger is the perfect summer lunch or dinner option. So celebrate today by firing up the BBQ and serving up double cheeseburgers with your favorite toppings. 

September 16th

National Working Parents Day

Today pays tribute to working parents around the country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 60% of parents work outside of the home. If you’re a working parent, considering doing something to celebrate your hard work today. There are many ways to enjoy the day, from a special dinner to a fun family night at home. Also, if you are the child of a hardworking parent, send them a unique gift or note to let them know you appreciate all they do to provide for you.

September 17th

National Apple Dumpling Day

The smell of apples is synonymous with autumn, so we couldn’t think of a better treat to welcome in the new season. Celebrate today by enjoying your favorite apple dumpling recipe as an after-dinner dessert or an indulgent breakfast.  

September 18th

Air Force Birthday

On September 18, 1947, the Air Force officially became a separate branch of the United States military under the National Security Act signed by then-President Truman. Celebrate today by recognizing airmen you know and love. Send them a themed gift or a sweet note letting them know you are thinking of them and appreciate their service to our great nation. 

September 19th

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Whether you prefer “Aye, Aye Matie” or “Arggh Capt’n,” today is the day to let your best pirate impression shine. There are so many fun ways to enjoy this hilarious holiday, so choose what you love to do most. Some of our favorite ideas? Watch your favorite pirate-themed movie, share impressions with your friends and family or record a parody of your best pirate voice. 

September 20th

National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Did September just give us two reasons to celebrate pizza this month? Yes, please. Aside from the classic cheese, the pepperoni pizza is the most popular pizza option in the country. Enjoy a slice or two today in your favorite style: thin, Chicago-style, or deep dish. Buon appetito!

September 21st

National New York Day

The Big Apple. The Empire State. However you referred to the great state of New York, today is the day to celebrate it. Learn about the state’s history or dive deep into some of its more iconic landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, or the Empire State Building. From NYC to upstate, this glorious state is a must-visit. 

September 22nd 

National Girls’ Night

We know it falls on a Wednesday this year, but we don’t care. So grab your favorite girlfriends and celebrate your friendship tonight. Plan a fun dinner, grab an after-work drink, or take a few days to get away together. If you live far apart, consider sending your girls a surprise gift as a token of your appreciation for your friendship. 

September 23rd

National Great American Pot Pie Day

All pies are delicious, but when it comes to the pot pie, we are in love. So whether you like the staple chicken option or prefer turkey, pork, or beef, add a pot pie to your dinner menu tonight and indulge in the savory goodness. Here’s a classic recipe we recommend.

September 24th

National Punctuation Day

Are you someone who loves the use of proper punctuation no matter where the language is located? From white pages and magazines to advertisements, casual emails, and social media statuses, punctuation can play a huge role in how people interpret your message. Question marks, exclamation points, commas, periods, semi-colons, punctuation marks are a vital part of language. Celebrate today by learning about the history of punctuation or diving into the great debate of the Oxford comma.

September 25th

National Daughter’s Day

A day to celebrate the girls and women in our lives, National Daughter’s day is the perfect time to spend together. Plan a day trip with your daughter, go out to eat, pencil in a hike, or outdoor adventure. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do it together. Daughters are the shining stars in our lives; show them extra love and attention today. 

September 26th

National Pancake Day

Move over waffles; the pancake is the king of breakfast today. An iconic breakfast staple in the home of millions of Americans every year, the pancake is a delicious and filling breakfast option that can be customized to meet your sweet or savory cravings. Enjoy a big breakfast today with the ones you love with pancakes at center stage. Don’t forget the real maple syrup!

September 27th

National Family Day

Falling on the fourth Monday of September each year, National Family Day is a day to celebrate your family near and far. Share your love by sending out sweet gifts to your family out of state, posting loving messages on social media, or planning a get-together to celebrate your love and enjoy quality time together. 

September 28th

National North Carolina Day

The 12th state in the Union is celebrated today. North Carolina is famous for Kitty Hawk, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Biltmore Estate. It is proudly home to the 82nd Airborne and glorious ocean views as far as the eyes can see. Celebrate this great state today by engrossing yourself with state history, enjoying a delicious Carolina dish, or taking in the sights on a fun road trip. 

September 29th

National Coffee Day

Cold-brew, hot, iced, espresso, latte, mixed with cream and sugar, flavored- however you enjoy your morning cup of joe, today is the day to celebrate how much it means to your daily routine. There is no better way to enjoy coffee today than by grabbing your favorite cup (or two)  from a local coffee shop or your expert barista. Enjoy!

September 30th

National Love People Day

We couldn’t think of a better way to round out the month. Of course, loving people should be on your agenda every day, but we encourage you to celebrate today extra hard. Do something fun with someone you love. Plan a date night or dinner with your spouse or family. Show the people you love how much they mean to you today. A small gesture and a little recognition can go a long way.

September is filled with so many fun and loving national holidays. We encourage you to pick some of your favorites and enjoy them to the fullest. We know we will. Whether you opt into the celebratory pizza days or hope to increase your time with your girlfriends, September is the month to celebrate the change in season and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.