What to Get for National Son and Daughter Day

What to Get for National Son and Daughter Day

Michele Carr

It's officially National Son and Daughter Day! While it may be easy to forget this little-known holiday, your kids will certainly remember it, and that's why you can make their days with some of these gift ideas!


Beat the Heat


Summer is still here, and it's been a hot one! Our collection of pool floats are a great way for your kids to beat the heat and get to float on a giant donut, who doesn't love that?!


Read to Them



We all know how hard it can be to get the kids to sleep, and reading a book to them before bed can make that problem go away, while also improving the connection you have with your child. Maybe Mary Poppins will even be your new favorite book!



One of our best sellers, your kids are going to love the classic "Goodnight Moon" and you can even get it personalized on our special hardcover edition!


Take a Trip!



Thinking about taking a family trip? Get your kids a personalized travel bag (put their name on it so they won't lose it!) and they'll love it!


Play a Family Game



Yes, everyone has spent LOTS of time with their family recently. But, how much of that has been quality time? Get together for a fun game of monopoly.. With a twist!!