Wreaths, and Ornaments, and Stockings, Oh My!: Decorating for the Holidays

Wreaths, and Ornaments, and Stockings, Oh My!: Decorating for the Holidays

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It’s the only time of the year where it is acceptable to have a full-grown tree in your house and we couldn’t be more excited. Black Friday has passed, so now it doesn’t matter on what side of the epic “to put the tree up before or after Thanksgiving” debate you fall on because it’s all happening. The decorations don’t have to start, or end, with a tree. Think outside of the house! Think inside the house! Think Martha May Whovier’s house from the Grinch. It really doesn’t matter your vision because we’ve got you fully covered…in holiday decorations this year.


Christmas Wreaths Top Notch Gift Shop

Are you ready to be the holiday cheer this year?! Great! So, you’re going to start by decorating on the outside and then working your way in. Begin the process with a festive holiday wreath. It’s also not a bad idea just in case Santa uses the door this year instead of the chimney. You never know! He does eat a lot of cookies…We’ve got so many choices of wreaths that you will wish you had at least 3 more doors to decorate. We’ve got wreaths with bows, pinecones, bells, and cranberries. We even have one that is shaped like a candy cane. Is there a thing as too many choices? Not during the holidays!


Christmas Ornaments Top Notch Gift Shop

Speaking of hard decisions… you might have a few more with our vast selection of hand-blown ornaments. An iridescent hot air balloon, an unsilvered see-through Sydney Opera House, and a shiny lacquer painted Venetian Gondolier are just a few of the worldly choices that await. They are all hand-painted and from Poland. There is guaranteed to be one that is orna-meant for you!

And stockings! (OH MY!)

A holiday stocking is also known as the one decoration that is ready to be filled to the brim with holiday spirit. We have a whole litter of stockings ready to join the family or mantle. These very unique decorations come in the form of your favorite pet. A beagle, German shepherd, pug, and husky are just a few of the choices, or breeds, that you can choose from. They are made from lush (faux) fur and complete with a jingle bell “collar”. The only thing they can’t do is bark the twelve days of Christmas.