About Us

It all started before the turn of the millennium. Michele and Michael were hearing time and time again from friends, family, and coworkers about their frustrations with the big online ‘web stores’.

From other's stories and their own personal shopping experiences, they valued personalization, timely service, and top-quality items. They also began thinking about gifts. Why do people buy gifts? The answer was simple: To make others feel special and to brighten even the most mundane of days.

When Michael and Michele buy gifts, they love finding unique and personal items with a special touch. However, many of the online retailers had all of the same stuff!

So, they thought, “Hey! We can start selling gifts!” And so, Top Notch Gift Shop was born from their living room.

As they continued to treat customers well and provide excellent service and quality, the living room suddenly became too small—they needed to expand! They were working out of their garage, dining room (...and kitchen...and guest rooms). Eventually, they decided to the business outside of their home and occupy office and warehouse space in Windsor, California

Since their first days back in 1999 Top Notch Gift Shop has continued to grow and expand steadily. They pride themselves on the personal touch they’re able to provide their customers, something the bigger retailers can’t necessarily commit to.

Every day has something to celebrate and Michael and Michele want to provide something to brighten everyone’s day!

Meet Michael & Michele: The Husband and Wife Duo behind Top Notch Gift
Micheal Carr and Michele Carr Top Notch Gift Shop Co-Founders