Top Notch Rewards Program Details

Earning Tiers

Earned points are based on the dollar amount of purchases* made in Top Notch Gift Shop once you have created a Top Notch Gift Shop Store account and registered for the Rewards Program.

*Purchase amount does not included shipping costs. Coupon or promotion amounts are deducted from your total purchase before points are awarded.

You will automatically be advanced to the next tier when the purchase amount threshold has been reached.


Total Purchases: $1 - $499

Total Purchases: $500 - $1,499 Total Purchases: $1,500 - $2,499 Total Purchases: $2,500 or more

$1 Spent = 1 point

$1 Spent = 1.5 points $1 Spent = 2 points $1 Spent = 3 points


Use your points to purchase any item on our store! Each item has a point value displayed.

Ways to Earn Points

  1. Earn By Simply Signing Up. Create a Store account and 200 points will be added to your rewards account.
  2. Earn By Spending. Each purchase earns you points!
  3. Earn By Sharing. Share your purchase on your social networks and receive 20 points. Share our products and receive up to 20 points per month.
  4. Earn By Referring. Refer a friend to us. If they sign up for our loyalty program, you will receive 100 points.
  5. Earn 500 points on the first anniversary of your rewards sign up date...automatically! You don't need to do anything.

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