24K Gold Tipped Zebra Rose with Crystal Vase


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Zebra stripes are intricately painted on this fashionable rose by talented artisans and tipped with 24K gold. Each rose petal is handpicked during its peak of growth and delicately trimmed by artisans to create a flawless look. The stem is encased in gold, and the green leaves are tipped in gold. This 12-inch rose rests comfortably inside a sturdy crystal vase that features a unique design and adds a touch of elegance. This is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys roses, zebras or stripes and wants a keepsake added to their home that adds a touch of creative elegance.


  • 12 inches tall
  • Crystal vase
  • Fashionable zebra design
  • Trimmed with 24K gold
  • Gold encased stem

    The zebra rose is perfect for:

  • Valentine'’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Zebra lovers
  • Anniversaries
  • Special occasions
  • CLEARANCE ITEM - This item is not eligible for exchange or return.