3 Bar Wine Soap Gift Set



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This gift set is perfect for the Napa Wine Country enthusiast or for any wine lover.

Hand made in very limited quantities-less than 50 bars at a time, the soaps contain all natural products and utilize some of the by-products of the surrounding wine vineyards. Even the packaging is eco-friendly!

Your 3-Bar Gift set contains:

  • 1 - Cabernet Soapignon Soap Bar. This berry scented soap is an intoxicating blend of Napa Valley grapeseed oil, olive, coconut, palm & sweet almond oils, chocolatey cocoa butter and a healthy dose of Napa Valley red wine.
  • 1 - Soapignon Blanc Soap Bar. Soapignon Blanc contains a rich blend of grapeseed, olive, avocado and sunflower oils and is complemented by a dose of white wine. The refreshing scent is a perfect combination of grapefruit and pomegranate oils creating a fruity, uplifting bar that has been described as “citrus-y peach”.
  • 1 - Berry Rose` Soap Bar. This bar is a fruity, antioxidant blend of grapeseed oil, raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil, rose clay and Rose` wine.