Basketweave 2 Perch Hummingbird Feeder - Blue



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Garden art meets function with this blown-glass hummingbird feeder by Parasol. The basketweave pattern is featured on all sides. Two square-shaped blue bottles fit into baskets with individual perches. Each feeding station attracts hummingbirds with a red handcrafted glass flower. When the sun shines through the glass, the feeder becomes a luminous focal point in the garden. Features:
  • 2 Blue Square Basketweave Bouquet Bottles.
  • 2 Red Flower Feeding Tubes.
  • Feeder holds 8 oz. of hummingbird food.
  • Bottles about 2-1/2" high, not counting the feeding tubes.
  • Measures approximately 9x3x6 inches.
  • Metal basket with notch for hanging.
  • Made from hand blown recycled glass.
  • Small 's' hook included.