Popcorn Lover's Survival Kit

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A set of 4 bowls and a scoop to encourage and indulge your popcorn cravings! (Large bowl shown is not included in the kit...) It's an Emergency! Popcorn to the rescue! You're a popcorn lover, and you're not alone. Thousands, perhaps millions, were raised on popcorn. Fed by the thrill of movies and sporting events, the novelty of the circus and amusement parks, popcorn is good (no utensils required) fun! If you miss that carefree old school fun, then call in the rescue squad. Take action and pull out these nostalgia-with-a-twist popcorn bowls. Whether fresh out of the popper, the microwave, or a snack bag, just top off you bowl, then pop in the rented movie, deal out the cards or cozy up in front of the fire. Makes an ideal gift for graduates heading off to their first dorm room!Popcorn to the rescue!