Santa Clues Decorating Kit

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Do you remember when...YOU still believed?
A Simpler time in your life...
When you cared if you were naughty or nice?
When you couldn't fall asleep the night before?
When that special present would be under the tree?
When Santa was real? We Do... And we want you to as well. So Santa-Clues developed this special kit which will allow you to create a magical Christmas morning with proof of Santa's visit. We provide all the clues...
  • Boot Print Stencil
  • Sleigh Bell
  • Torn Piece of Suit
  • Santa's Glasses
  • Large Coat Button
  • Toy List
  • Reindeer Hoof Print
  • Santa's Glove
  • Magic Snow for stencils
Now it's up to you to create the moment your children will remember forever. So, was Santa really there? We'll never tell! CLEARANCE ITEM - This item is not eligible for exchange or return.