Schnauzer Weathervane


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Our Schnauzer Weathervane is made of 14 gauge steel and comes complete with the directionals, sealed ball bearing windcup and your choice of mount.

The Schnauzer Weathervane features a detailed finishing process- First the units are zinc plated for better adhesion and durability, then an antique copper vein powder coat is baked on along with a clear coat to protect against the UV rays. This provides a scratch resistant finish and helps prevent fading. High quality sealed ball bearings are used in the windcup to keep it spinning freely with even the slightest breeze. The weathervane is laser cut in one piece, minimizing welding to add strength.

This weathervane will make either the perfect finishing touch to your home or a great gift for any one.
  • The design rests on a 21" arrow
  • Approximate Design Dimensions: 8 3/4" x 9”
  • Made in the USA


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  • This will mount in a cupola...your site will not allow me to bypass the mounting...which do I choose?

    It depends on how many sides your cupola has. The most common is a 4 sided cupola, so you would select the 4-sided mount

  • I love this!! Do you ship to Canada? Thanks

    We ship only to the United States at this time.