Sparq Polished Stainless Steel Whisky Cubes - Set of 4



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Have you ever wanted to have a perfectly chilled cocktail without the ice watering down your drink? These polished stainless steel whiskey cubes are the new version of ice. Simply freeze and add them them into your favorite whiskey, liquor or cocktail glass. Chill your drink without diluting the taste. The modern stainless steel design is trendy AND functional. How to Use:
  • Place cubes in the freezer for 4 hours.
  • Add 2-3 whiskey stones per drink. (The cubes hold their temperature out of the freezer for 45 minutes or more).
  • When finished, just wash and reuse.
Be prepared for your next chilled your whisky cubes in the freezer! Each cube measures just under 1 inch.