Tis The Season To Be Blitzened Wine Glass

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Celebrate the holidays with your favorite wine, and with laughter, in Tumbleweed Pottery's "Tis the Season to be Blitzened!" wine Glass! Your holidays are sure to be loads of fun with this our festive stemware!

All our stemware are hand blown and each unique, whimsical girl adorning each glass is a creation of Emerson Quillion, whose work is a result of his childhood memories of his days in his mother's beauty salon. His mother's clients have come back in his artwork to create his unique drawings.

Each Emerson girl is drawn with one ongoing black line; giving each girl her own style. The girls are then paired with our wonderful titles to create our amazing wine glass collection. In addition to enjoying your red or white wines in our wonderful wine glasses over a quiet dinner, have fun with our Emerson glasses at social occasions too!


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