Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit by CapaBunga®



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The perfect gift for your favorite wine lover! The Ultimate Wine Preservation Kit by CapaBunga® pairs together a can of specially blended inert gas to prevent wine spoilage with the unique sealing power of the CapaBunga®. When used together, Wine Preserve by CapaBunga® and the CapaBunga® cap are capable of keeping a bottle of wine at its pre-opened, oxygen-free state. Wine Preserve by CapaBunga® prevents wine spoilage by using the same inert gases used in the production and bottling of wine at every winery worldwide. A harmless combination of Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen gases, Wine Preserve by CapaBunga® blankets the wine’s surface in the bottle displacing harmful oxygen. And, unlike vacuum devices, Wine Preserve by CapaBunga® will not strip out a wine’s delicate aromas that are essential for full enjoyment.